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Nontoxic Tips

Nontoxic Tips_ Easy Steps for Living a Nontoxic LifeSometimes it seems overwhelming to try to avoid toxic chemicals in your everyday life. Trust us, we understand – with confusing labels, greenwashing, and the prospect of endless research, living healthy can be a big task.

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be so hard. Every step to reduce harmful chemicals, no matter how small, makes a difference in levels of toxic chemicals in your body. (more…)

MADE SAFE Swap: Feminine Wash

 Good Clean Love Balance Moisturizing WashFeminine washes are made for some of the most absorptive and sensitive skin on women’s bodies. So you’d think ingredients used in them would be highly regulated and monitored for safety, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. (more…)

Top MADE SAFE™ Certified Skin Care Products

Top-Personal_Care - INSTAGRAMFinding safe skin care that’s both effective and made without toxic chemicals can be hard. We’re here to make it easy for you. All the products listed below are MADE SAFE certified, which means that they’re made without known carcinogens, behavioral, reproductive, and neuro toxins, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, high risk pesticides, flame retardants, toxic solvents, and harmful VOCs. In addition, ingredients have been examined for bioaccumulation (builds up in our bodies), persistence (stays in the environment) and aquatic toxicity.

In short, it means that you can trust these products are made with safe ingredients that don’t harm human health or the environment. Enjoy!


Ten Simple Ways to Detox Your Home

Ten Simple Ways to Detox Your HomeYou’ve seen the headlines: fire retardants in crib mattresses, endocrine disruptors in baby bottles, carcinogens in cosmetics, secret toxic fragrance chemicals. You think, “Well, of course I want to avoid these and find the healthy options.” You start out with the best of intentions, and then you discover it’s harder than you thought to figure out what’s actually safe and what’s not. (more…)

MADE SAFE Certified: Naturepedic Bedding

Naturepedic-SOCMEDIAThe body does important rejuvenation, repair and detoxification work when resting. But if the environment you sleep in is toxic, you’re adding unnecessary work to the load limiting the body’s innate ability to preserve our health and prepare us for the new day ahead. (more…)

Pleni Naturals: MADE SAFE Certified with Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

Pleni Naturals productsHave you ever heard the saying that your skin care should be safe enough to eat? Allyson Owens, founder of Pleni Naturals, took that to heart in formulating her baby balm, baby oil, and hair & body wash. Allyson is a former aesthetician and experienced product developer with over 15 years working in the skincare industry, and crafted each product with organic fruit and vegetable ingredients like mango butter, cucumber oil, olive oil, apple-based cleansing agents, and vanilla fruit extract. (more…)

MADE SAFE Daily Solution: Just So Healing Blend Lip Balm

Our skin is our largest organ, and absorbs much of what we put on it. When it comes to personal care products things like deodorant, sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm are meant to stay on our skin for a long time, which means a longer period for our skin to absorb some of what’s in those products.


Introducing the World’s First MADE SAFE Brand

True Botanicals social postTrue Botanicals has just become the first MADE SAFE™ Brand in the world. This means that not only they certify every single product in their current line, they also committed formulating every single future product in accordance with the stringent MADE SAFE standard.

Why is this a big (huge!) deal? Here’s why: there are approximately 85,000 chemicals in use today on the marketplace and hundreds of new ones are created annually–but very few of them have been tested for their long-term impacts on our health. (more…)