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Nontoxic Certified

NTC_LOGO_BlGrn_RGBNONTOXIC CERTIFIED™ means that a product – in totality – is not toxic.

NONTOXIC CERTIFIED products have passed the Made Safe Ingredient Screen and gone on to be lab tested as a whole to ensure that they’re safe for human health.

It’s about starting with a base of safe ingredients, yet going over and above to ensure that ingredient mixtures won’t cause harm. This is not the standard way of doing business today – however, it’s the best way to ensure that an item, in it’s totality, as it is sold, is nontoxic. We believe Nontoxic Certification is the gold standard of product testing and the future of product formulation.

We recognize that this approach is novel. Most products aren’t manufactured with human health implications in mind. We are pioneers in an emerging field, and there is still much to be learned. We won’t always be perfect. But we have built programs that allow products to be vetted against some of the best information available today. We update our processes annually. And the bottom line is that we prioritize people with every one of our decisions. We always come back to our core belief that the products we use on our bodies, for our children, in our homes and in our communities should be safe. Without external regulation of the thousands of chemicals in commerce today, the two-step Nontoxic Certified programs provide a logical path toward a healthy product marketplace.

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