Please read what we’re about and how we do what we do. If you agree, sign below in solidarity for a safe, sustainable and healthy future.

We are America’s first human-health focused certification program which crosses store aisles, from baby to personal care to household and beyond. We certify products against a comprehensive list of known toxicants to ensure that they do not contain known harmful chemicals. We take a look at how items are made, where they are sourced, and scour the manufacturing process for possible contamination points in order to determine if the ingredients or materials in a product are safe. We call these products MADE SAFE®, as in Made With Safe Ingredients.

We make it easy for consumers to know if products contain ingredients that are safe for use on their babies, bodies, and in their homes. Shopping our seal is think-proof. It’s also the first time the American public has been given the ability to know what products are safe to use at the point of purchase. Some say this idea is revolutionary. Others say it’s too hard. We say the idea is simple: Products should do no harm. We say the time has come.

We say We can all be the change. It’s time to buy better. Our goal is to create a product revolution.

We envision a world where every product sold is harmless to people and the environment.

By shopping our seals, we can harness our collective purchasing power to support better products and move the market toward safer, healthier, and more sustainable products. We will reward companies making purer products and ultimately, we will eliminate toxic chemicals from consumer goods altogether.

Our Toxicant Database is based on existing science and contains thousands of ingredients, including the worst known toxic offenders. In addition to the Toxicant Database, we screen ingredients using a green chemistry approach along with modeling to determine if they bioaccumulate, persist in the environment or are considered toxic. Guidelines are developed in conjunction with chemists, doctors, researchers and subject matter experts.

Our certified products are screened for known:

Carcinogens Endocrine Disruptors Fire Retardants
Developmental, Reproductive and Neurotoxins Heavy Metals GMOs
High Risk Pesticides Toxic Solvents Harmful VOCs

We want to see change today for a healthier tomorrow. We are doing the groundwork so you don’t have to.

We give safe products a verified seal of approval. We give the masses knowledge to make safe purchasing decisions. We empower every single purchaser.

If you agree that we all have a right to know that our products have been screened for ingredient safety and purity, and that the best practices according to existing science should be applied to products we use in our homes and on our bodies, then take a stand with us!

Please sign below to endorse our Manifesto for Safe Products.

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Together we can change the world for the healthier.
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  • Monica Unseld, PhD
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