Woman Gardening10 Toxic Gardening Products

This article is reposted from the Big Green Purse blog with thanks to Diane MacEachern

Tips for avoiding toxic gardening items on your next visit to the nursery.

1) PVC Garden Hoses

Tests conducted by the consumer testing group Healthy Stuff showed that garden hoses made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic contain phthalates and are among the most toxic garden center items you’ll find.

Phthalates help keep plastic hoses soft and malleable so they can easily bend and twist, but they’re also linked to hormone disruption, genital defects in boys, and breast cancer.

⇒ What you definitely don’t want to do: Drink out of a PVC hose or use it to fill up the dog’s bowl unless you’ve let it run for several minutes. Better yet, replace your plastic hose with one made from natural rubber.