MADE SAFE® certification is rigorous and unique. Brands who have undergone certification report that they learn from our process and are proud to bestow our seal on their products. See more about our Screening Process here.

Getting Certified
  1. Brand signs NDA with Made Safe.
  2. Brand signs Screening Agreement and pays annual fee.
  3. Brand fills out Product and Ingredient Import charts with complete ingredient list.
  4. Made Safe screens products.
  5. Made Safe delivers brand’s screening report for all ingredients and certification for products that pass. (For ingredients that do not pass MADE SAFE screening, brand works with Made Safe to find certifiable options.)
  6. Made Safe delivers PR kit and works with brand to customize marketing/education/advocacy plan.

If your brand isn’t quite ready for full certification, please inquire about our other ingredient services or becoming a MADE SAFE Ingredients Supporter, which can be a good starting place for any brand.

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