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We offer a variety of ingredient services for brands interested in making the healthiest products possible. Whether your brand is just starting to explore your options or you’ve been formulating with safe ingredients for years, MADE SAFE™ can help you determine whether or not your products are Made With Safe Ingredients™ and measure where you are in the process. We make it easy to convey to consumers what you are doing through a trusted third-party validation system.

MADE SAFE is the first and only comprehensive human health certification that screens products across all non-food categories, from baby to personal care to household and beyond. We work with brands to provide a road map to manufacturing products entirely with safe ingredients. A crucial piece of this road map is working with brands behind the scenes to help ensure they’re starting with a base of safe ingredients.

We work under NDA to ensure privacy. Once products pass and receive certification, we pour our efforts into advocacy and raising consumer awareness. We are all carrot and no stick, so to speak.

Ingredient Diligence

Brands must be a Supporter or a member participating in certification to access this service.

Ingredient Diligence is a 360° screening approach to ingredients that considers human health harm, possible animal and/or aquatic eco system harm, as well as environmental harm using a variety of data, modeling software and structural analysis. Brands may run ingredients individually through our unique MADE SAFE screening process and receive an Ingredient Diligence Screening Report with our comprehensive set of human health and environmental endpoints.

Ingredient Diligence is a useful service for brands during the R&D process. It’s also useful as a precursor to MADE SAFE certification screening if your brand isn’t sure that all ingredients will pass and you have specific ingredients or products in question. If there are any concerns you can address them appropriately, prior to certification. The advantage to this pre-certification step is that you can enter the certification process with a high level of confidence that a product will pass, validating the cost of certification.
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Compound Analysis

Brands must be a Supporter or a member participating in certification to access this service.

The compound analysis work provides a material check that ensures raw materials and/or ingredients are as expected and are not contaminated. We use this service prior to lab testing as well to ensure that products are made with ingredients that are on the label. The analysis looks at the primary peaks under Mass Spec and uses other techniques as necessary.

In the current climate of consumer mistrust, it is not enough for a brand to take suppliers at their word for the purity of their products. Ultimately, your brand’s reputation is at stake if your suppliers are not submitting exactly what they say at the levels they claim are in their ingredients. The only way to ensure that your products are not being tainted by unexpected, unlabeled preservatives or supply chain contamination, etc., you need to conduct compound analysis to validate that raw ingredients and mixtures are indeed as expected.
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MADE SAFE Certification

Annual membership fee on a sliding scale + one-time per product screening fee

Our goal is to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in products, to change the way products are made, and to solve the consumer conundrum over chemicals. Products carrying the Made Safe seal are the first step towards creating a healthy, sustainable product marketplace. With this seal, shoppers know at the point of purchase that products are acceptable for use on their babies, bodies, and in their homes.

When conducting the MADE SAFE process we utilize our Toxicant Database, a compilation of thousands of ingredients including known toxic offenders. We do not allow known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, flame retardants, high-risk-pesticides, behavioral toxins, neurotoxins, reproductive toxins, teratogenic toxins, harmful VOCs, or dangerous solvents. We also don’t permit nanoparticles, synthetic biology or GMOs. We go above and beyond to screen ingredients for persistence, bioaccumulation, and general and aquatic toxicity, making MADE SAFE the leading safety standard on the market.
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MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certification

Annual membership fee on a sliding scale + one-time product testing fee

This is the gold standard and the future of safe and sustainable product manufacturing. After passing MADE SAFE a product may proceed to Nontoxic testing. MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certified™ is a green chemistry approach that looks at entire mixtures and conducts whole product testing in order to determine that an item is not toxic. We generally use a combination of tests including compound analysis and In-vitro test methods recognized for toxicity testing on human cell lines.

MADE SAFE Nontoxic Certification is the most advanced testing available for pioneering brands that want to demonstrate their products are free from known toxins and don’t cause harm. Each time a new product is created, its individual components have never been studied or tested as a mixture all together. Sometimes things change – molecules bond and form new molecules, ingredients can disappear and entirely new things can be formed. We want to ensure this new entity remains nontoxic.
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