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Science & Research Screening Associate, Part-Time

The Position
The part-time Screening Associate performs substance screenings, a function that is crucial to the mission of MADE SAFE and Nontoxic Certified programs. This position will report to the Director of Science & Research, but will work with the entire team. 

This team member will learn to execute the MADE SAFE 360-Degree Ecosystem Approach, a unique system for evaluating substances for their safety to humans and the environment. On a day-to-day basis, this work looks like utilizing the MADE SAFE Toxicant Database to search for substances, reviewing documentation to confirm substance compliance, generating screening reports for clients, keeping detailed records of various project management endpoints, and maintaining and cleansing substance data. This team member will be responsible for time-sensitive and confidential information.

This person will also conduct limited desk research on substances and materials, with the potential for more research opportunities with demonstrated ability and success. Desk research duties include literature reviews, toxicological modeling, researching manufacturing processes, review of relevant governmental regulations, and consultation of authoritative sources. A strong background in science is required; relevant fields of study include biology, toxicology, public health, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, environmental science, etc.

The ideal candidate will be a highly-motivated, quick-learning individual with a commitment to and capacity for learning and dealing with new and difficult concepts. Necessary skills for this role include strong critical thinking, immaculate attention to detail, and the ability to make decisions and problem-solve independently. Someone who demonstrates intellectual curiosity and takes joy in scientific investigation would be most successful in this position.

As an entirely remote team working with clients at a distance, this person must be an excellent communicator, both in verbal and written formats. The Screening Assistant must be able to take direction and feedback, deliver and report on tasks and deadlines, and learn from failures and mistakes. The right candidate will be comfortable with evolving and shifting duties.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct screening by applying the MADE SAFE Ecosystem Approach
  • Utilize screening Toxicant Database
  • Prepare research and screening reports
  • Log and manage project actions in task management software
  • Work closely with Director of Science & Research to execute crucial screening project objectives
  • Maintain files and databases in a confidential manner
  • Cleanse, maintain, and standardize data to ensure accuracy, consistency and currency
  • Prepare scientific communications, such as Science & Research memos, responses to scientific inquiries, etc.
  • Attend regular team video and audio meetings and perform follow up actions
  • Communicate with team members outside of the Research and Science Team regarding client project statuses
  • Update, create, and edit scientific communication documents and decks, as needed
  • Manage and execute annual reassessment process
  • Conduct limited desk research on substances and materials
  • Call and email ingredient and material manufacturers for information, as needed
  • Perform ad hoc needs across multiple functions


  • Strong science background in relevant field
  • Commitment, ability, and desire to continually learn new and difficult concepts and skills
  • Excellent communication skills, in both verbal and written formats
  • Extremely reliable self-starter who must be able to work without supervision 
  • Ability to see the bigger picture while also being extremely attentive to details without sacrificing either accuracy or time-efficiency
  • Capacity to track, manage, and prioritize numerous ongoing projects successfully to meet timelines and client needs
  • Capability to take direction, but take personal ownership of tasks
  • Willingness and ability to learn from failures and mistakes
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently meet deadlines
  • Proficiency in MS Office and Google Workspace; willingness to learn task management software
  • Proficiency in spreadsheet management, including Excel and Google sheets
  • Ability to successfully work independently and track time spent on projects
  • Willingness to work cross-functionally
  • Desire to work with a dynamic startup that’s helping to change the world for the healthier

Compensation, Hours & Location

This role is a part-time consultant position with a weekly commitment ranging from 20-25 hours a week; hours are flexible and may vary based on workload and project demands. The pay range is $23 - $28/hour, dependent on experience and education. 

This entirety remote role offers very flexible hours, requiring maintenance of availability within negotiable core hours while allowing for flexibility outside of this framework. The Screening Associate may be required to travel domestically to team retreats or events a maximum of three times per year.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and three references to Applications that do not include all materials will be automatically rejected and will not be reviewed.

Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis; the position is open until the role is filled.

MADE SAFE / Nontoxic Certified

MADE SAFE®: A human-health and ecosystem focused independent, third-party, scientific certification program that screens for known toxic chemicals in personal care, baby, and other household products. The ultimate goal is to get rid of the use of harmful chemicals in everyday products in support of a safe and sustainable future. To do this, MADE SAFE uniquely employs an ecosystem evaluation approach ensuring that products do not contain known carcinogens; endocrine disruptors such as: reproductive, neurological, behavioral, developmental or teratogenic toxins; synthetic flame retardants; high-risk pesticides; harmful solvents or VOCs. Additionally, the program evaluates for bioaccumulation, persistence, and environmental, terrestrial, and aquatic toxicity. MADE SAFE is a subsidiary of Nontoxic Certified, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on ingredient solutions helping brands transform products. The MADE SAFE certification makes it easy for consumers to identify products made without chemicals known or suspected to be harmful to humans or the ecosystem.

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