New MADE SAFE Certified Baby Wipes from Caboo

The MADE SAFE team is so excited to announce the first MADE SAFE certified baby wipes available in the United States and Canada!

Caboo is an eco-friendly household paper brand that delivers some of the softest and most sustainable baby wipes on the planet because they are made with bamboo. And now they’re MADE SAFE certified!

To find out more about Caboo’s commitment to creating products that are safe for people and the planet, we connected with founder Albert Addante.

Made Safe: Why are you excited to work with Made Safe?
Albert: Our mission is to create safe, sustainable tree-free household products accessible to everyone from babies to grownups. We feel that the Made Safe mission and certification further exemplifies our core values. What’s safe for our bodies must also be safe for the earth.

We are excited to join Made Safe and come together with other brands, retailers and individuals to collectively promote awareness for this movement and make it easy for people to find products that are safe to use. We are proud to be Made Safe certified because it shows that we are making good on our promise that Caboo Products are safe for the earth and our bodies.

Made Safe: How are you different from the competition?
Albert: Caboo Products are made from soft and sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a grass, not a tree, and grows back quickly making it a highly sustainable resource.

Traditional baby wipes source viscose, a substance derived from trees and synthetic fibers, which means many other wipes are not sustainable.

Made Safe: Why is it important to have third-party validation for your products?
Albert: Consumers have the right to know what is in their products. Third-party validation from Made Safe further reassures consumers that what is in our ingredient list is validated by a recognized third-party auditing process. Caboo baby wipes are the first MADE SAFE certified baby wipes in the North American market. We feel that this is a big step towards increasing ingredient transparency within the baby wipes category.

Made Safe: What is your go-to self-care practice?
Albert: As a family, we are mindful to cultivate time outside and get out into nature regularly. There are so many health benefits associated with spending more time outdoors. And in general it just feels good for the soul!

Certified Products from Caboo:
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