Privacy Policy

MADE SAFE always aims to be transparent and protective when it comes to your privacy. We believe it is important that you should be able to enjoy our information and newsletters without compromising your privacy in any way.

  • MADE SAFE only collects data in order to send you regular newsletters and/or keep you informed of our work and advocacy. We gather your data from our events, website, product giveaways, partnerships and occasionally by other related means. By providing your name, email, address or phone number, you are agreeing to receive promotions from our company via email, telephone or direct mail that may be of interest to you. All of these communications will include instructions explaining how you can request that we do not send you (“opt out” of) future communications of the same type. We do not supply your data to any third parties unless you have agreed to it at the time of sign-up.

  • We may change the terms of this Privacy Policy, and you are encouraged to review this page from time to time. Your continued use of our newsletters and information following the posting of this Privacy Policy means that you accept these terms. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

  • This Privacy Policy applies to both individuals and companies who subscribe to our newsletter and/or are interested in our programs. If you are not satisfied, you have the right to raise a concern or lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

  • You may update information that you previously submitted to us, or request to be removed from our list by sending an email to Requests to change personal information or for removal will be promptly processed. If you feel that our company is not abiding by its privacy policy, please contact us by email at

  • If you still want more details about how we use your information or this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at