Our Mission

Revolutionize how consumer products are made, thereby eliminating the use of harmful chemicals from the marketplace to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all.

MADE SAFE Mission Statement - Jon Mullen Photography

The current system of developing products with a narrow focus on performance and shelf-life is broken. It relies on an outdated ‘chemicals first, consequences second’ mentality. As an alternative, MADE SAFE offers a new paradigm for next-gen product formulation, which prizes ingredient integrity alongside pollution prohibition.

Of utmost importance, our job is to certify that the products you use on your body, with your family, and in your home are Made With Safe Ingredients.™ Our work also supports the future of regenerative production - a clean supply chain that can sustainably exist in a thriving market-driven economy. In our view, product performance should no longer come at the expense of human health or ecosystem viability.

We often hear from people that our process sounds like common sense. Surely, ensuring product safety prior to development and distribution must be common practice in America. Sadly, that assumption is incorrect. While it may seem obvious to inspect substances for potential harms before market use, that’s not a stringent requirement in the U.S. under today’s standards. This is why the demand for transparency, and the rigorous MADE SAFE screening process, is not just extremely difficult, it’s disruptive.

Our Vision

MADE SAFE is so much more than a certification program - it’s a philosophy of change in practice.

Our work is guided by the vision of a world where consumer products promote healthy bodies, homes, air, water, and soil, while prioritizing all forms of life - both humans and the ecosystem. We are spearheading a movement predicated on the belief that the path to a sustainable future for humanity requires products that are Made With Safe Ingredients,™ and that the marketplace can be used to drive systemic change.

We view the results of our work at MADE SAFE as an embodiment of the concept that as humans individually we are but one small drop, yet together we are an ocean. Our team understands that creating systemic change can seem impossibly bold and feel incredibly daunting - because the task is too large and far bigger than any one of us alone can manage. However, seemingly small acts are often the foundation for large-scale transformation.

Consumers can harness their collective purchasing power to support companies making a difference by making safer products. Buying MADE SAFE® Certified products - products made without harmful and polluting chemicals - sends an important message to the marketplace, to Wall Street, and to the wider investment community about what is wanted in commerce. Such intentional purchasing decisions begin to shut off the spigot of ongoing contamination, thereby creating incremental shifts that will ultimately help transform the world.

MADE SAFE Vision Statement - Jon Mullen Photography