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We're pleased to provide reports, fact sheets and guides to help you make safer purchasing and lifestyle choices for everyday living. Check back frequently, visit our Viewpoint blog, or sign up for our newsletter to get updates, as new science is always emerging, new ingredients are being examined, and new products are becoming MADE SAFE® Certified. Also, if you don’t see a topic you're curious about listed, please reach out and let us know!

MADE SAFE Healthy Baby Guide


The Healthy Baby Guide

MADE SAFE and Plastic Pollution Coalition outline how chemicals can affect not just the environment, but also the human body and particularly growing babies, infants, and children. Sign up to receive a digital copy!

MADE SAFE Sleep Safe Mattress Tips


Sleep Safe: Tips for Choosing a Safer Mattress

A quick guide to understanding the key chemicals of concern in conventional mattresses and shopping tips for a safer mattress.

MADE SAFE Detox Your Sleep Report


Detox Your Sleep: Toxic Chemicals in Bedding, Safer Alternatives & Certified Products for Healthier Sleep

Mattresses and bedding can contain toxic chemicals linked to serious health problems – reading this report is the first step to safer sleep.

MADE SAFE Dorm Room Bedding Guide


MADE SAFE Guide to Healthier & Ecosystem-Friendly Dorm Room Bedding

An overview of what’s inside dorm bedding and mattresses, as well as safer options and buying solutions.

MADE SAFE Sustainable Fashion Guide


Sustainable Fashion: An Approachable Guide

Detailed yet flexible steps to get you started on the path to a more sustainable wardrobe.

MADE SAFE Head Lice Treatment Prevention Report


Lice: Treatment & Prevention

Kick lice to the curb without high risk pesticides potentially harmful to your family and the environment.

MADE SAFE PFAS Facts Safety Guide


All About PFAS: Per- & Poly- Fluoroalkyl Substances

A summary of health and environmental concerns regarding substances that provide water, stain, and grease resistance.

MADE SAFE EDCs in the Home Guide


EDCs in the Home

Continuous exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), even at low levels, can disturb the intricate workings of our body’s endocrine system.

MADE SAFE PVA Detergent Pods


What’s Inside Detergent Pods & Sheets

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a synthetic plastic polymer used to wrap or suspend detergent formulations. While marketed as a sustainable water-soluble solution, in most situations it disappears but doesn’t degrade.

MADE SAFE Whats Inside Wipes Report


What’s Inside Wipes

Conventional wipes wreak havoc on sewer systems when flushed, don’t break down in the environment, and can contain toxic ingredients. Learn more in our in-depth report.

MADE SAFE Healthy Living Tips


Healthy Living with MADE SAFE: Best Practices

Some of our best tips for healthy living, for anyone looking to cultivate healthier lifestyle habits and a safer home environment.

MADE SAFE Nanoparticles Measure Up


How Nanomaterials Measure Up

MADE SAFE is concerned with the frequency of use of nanoparticles, as we don’t believe nanomaterials have been properly assessed for human or environmental health effects.

MADE SAFE Healthy Period Products for Planet Tips


Period Products: Tips for a Healthier Period & Planet

Tips for choosing period products that are friendly to your body and to ecosystems.

MADE SAFE Sunscreen Tips Facts


Safe Sun: Tips for Choosing a Safer Sunscreen

Sunscreens contain ingredients that are associated with negative human and environmental impacts. This fact sheet overviews those ingredients and how to avoid them.

MADE SAFE Healthy Pregnancy Guide


The Healthy Pregnancy Guide

MADE SAFE and Plastic Pollution Coalition combine their collective expertise to promote a healthy start for you and your family. Sign up to receive a digital copy!

MADE SAFE Bug Repellent Alternatives Tips


Bug Repellent: Active Ingredient Alternatives

Learn about alternative ways to help keep bugs at bay.

MADE SAFE Bug Repellent Chemicals Facts


Bug Repellent: Chemicals of Concern

This fact sheet overviews active ingredients used in insect repellent and their concerns.

MADE SAFE Whats Inside Bug Repellent Guide


What’s Inside Bug Repellent

A quick guide to understanding key chemicals of concern in bug repellent, as well as safer options.

MADE SAFE Bug Repellent Whats In It Report


Bug Repellent: What’s In It

This deep-dive report includes information on common active ingredients in conventional insect repellent, their impacts on human health and the environment, plus safer options.

MADE SAFE School Supplies Guide


Safer School Supply Solutions

This guide rounds up our favorite tips for choosing safer school supplies.