"MADE SAFE solves the problem of chemical confusion and makes it easy to find safe products."


"As makers (and of course consumers) of skin care products with higher standards, we’re grateful for the level of confidence MADE SAFE® Certified now gives us all. Their work creates a definitive line in the sand for our claim-loving industry. From now on, either a product is or is not MADE SAFE."


"MADE SAFE is doing what the FDA should be doing."


"Lab testing a product to examine how ingredients interact in mixture is revolutionary. In terms of green chemistry, which aims to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances in the formulation phase, it’s the end goal to find that the formulation in its totality doesn’t cause known harm to human health. What MADE SAFE is doing with its seal is facilitating the future of sustainable product formulation in this country."


"As a healthcare practitioner, part of the protocol I recommend to my clients is to remove all toxic substances from their life. We don’t even realize how many chemicals we put on and in our bodies. Whatever is placed on the skin is absorbed into the skin, whether it's cosmetics, body products, toothpaste, mouthwash or physician prescribed pharmaceuticals. In addition, we are bombarded by pollutants in the air, chemicals on our lawns, or toxic substances used to make our furniture and bedding nonflammable. The good news is that with great resources like MADE SAFE we can lessen our exposure and clean up toxins to keep our families safe and healthy. We need accurate information, and it’s very comforting to know there is a trusted resource."


"I salute Amy Ziff and MADE SAFE on their heroic work to educate America’s parents about toxic chemicals in everyday products. This work is vital to protect our children. We all need to support it."


Media Mentions

  • "True Botanicals - a totally organic, bioactive beauty brand made without toxins and certified MADE SAFE - is a big departure from [Olivia Wilde’s] last paid job with a beauty brand as the face of Revlon..."

  • "Make life easier when establishing an eco-friendly home by picking a brand with the MADE SAFE seal. This certification ensures that all ingredients in the product are [vetted]…”

  • "Most of its products are also MADE SAFE certified - a rigorous scientific screening process that only allows the use of ingredients that are not known or suspected to harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems…”

  • "Branch Basics, a women-owned business, is all about harnessing natural ingredients for pure cleaning products. All the cleaning items sold are MADE SAFE Certified, meaning they are made without the use of over 5,000 toxic chemicals that may be harmful to us, our pets, and our environments…”

  • "That’s about where the hard data on plastic in the beauty industry ends, according to Amy Ziff, executive director of MADE SAFE, a third-party certification of beauty and household products. 'A lot of companies are working on packaging, but it’s just an area that’s been less scrutinized in beauty than other industries. I think it’s only a matter of time, though'…”

  • "We have total confidence in MADE SAFE. We chose it because it’s the only certification that we know of that looks at every single ingredient - and anything that might be in that ingredient - ensuring safety for people and the planet. That’s what we deserve, and what they’re delivering. No other certification comes close…”

  • "...clean cosmetics gatekeeper MADE SAFE. The organization has become a go-to for clean-beauty fans... You can find its seal on specific cosmetics and even apparel, but it doesn’t hurt to peruse its certified products page to see who made the cut. 'In the absence of stricter government regulations, third-party certifications are extremely important, and as a consumer, that is what I trust the most,' shares Peterson. Of the nontoxic-beauty seals, MADE SAFE is among the most coveted..."

  • "Every True Botanicals product is certified by MADE SAFE, a nonprofit organization that specializes in comprehensive safety standards backed by a mix of scientists, skincare professionals, and heavily-credentialed PhDs. ...the MADE SAFE seal is a serious differentiator in an increasingly crowded market, one that pushes the brand to innovate and develop ever more effective formulas…”

  • "Before you buy, look for one (or more) of the six logos below on a product’s packaging or website. Each one represents an independent group that has created their own set of standards and guidelines pertaining to clean beauty… [The MADE SAFE seal] meets regulations set by MADE SAFE (a nontoxic certification agency) that ensure products are [not known or suspected to be harmful] for your skin and environment…”

  • "Amy Ziff, the founder of MADE SAFE, a nonprofit that certifies products without known toxic chemicals, said we need to be asking how these micro-plastics are getting into our bodies…”

  • "To help you find products that are clean, natural, sustainable, and effective, we called on cosmetic chemists, brand founders, dermatologists, and environmentalists to guide you to the most important attributes of clean beauty products… In order to get [MADE SAFE] certified, companies submit detailed information on how ingredients are manufactured and the formula is made.”

  • "Teaming up with our friends at MADE SAFE, we recently surveyed more than 1,600 health-conscious shoppers to understand how consumers view toxic chemicals in products…”

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