Impact Reports

We wish to thank all of our generous supporters and collaborating companies, as well as the charitable and impact-centered foundations, that have made our work possible. Together, we’re shifting the marketplace toward one in which the use of harmful chemicals is eliminated. Ultimately, this effort is designed to create a safer world to protect all people and the resources we rely on for life.

MADE SAFE closed 2023 strong! We surpassed our goals and made it through numerous milestones and achievements. We even launched our biggest and most impactful partnership yet – our ecosystem work is being published by the renowned American nonprofit consumer organization, Consumer Reports. Read the Impact Report for more details of your dollars at work to create change!


A year of metamorphosis, in 2022 we renewed our mission with a new look and updated language to best articulate who we are and the work we do. While best known for our consumer-facing work screening products for certification, MADE SAFE is just one of several programs available through our parent organization, Nontoxic Certified. Together, under the same organizational umbrella, we drive marketplace change to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.

2021 MADE SAFE Impact Report

In hindsight, 2020 was a year about uncertainty and survival while, in contrast, 2021 was a year about growth, change and sustainability. It was also about remaining nimble - reacting, adapting and rebuilding for the future in order to position our organization to have even greater impact going forward - all while maintaining our position of excellence in the marketplace.

2020 MADE SAFE Impact Report

We emerged from 2020 stronger and more determined - even managing to grow during these extraordinarily challenging times. What remained clear for those of us working on issues of injustice, inequity, environmental health and climate, is how much further we have to go. We will continue to be a catalyst for companies seeking to make the world a safer, healthier place for all.

2019 MADE SAFE Impact Report

Celebrating our fourth year, we see the growing interest in our work and know the need for our unique Ecosystem Approach is even greater than ever. Therefore, we will devote increasing effort toward providing rigorous, science-based ingredient diligence services, for the advancement of safer consumer products, through MADE SAFE’s parent NGO, Nontoxic Certified.

2018 MADE SAFE Impact Report

In our third year we're proving that safe, effective products can be made that won't harm humans, the environment, aquatic life or animals. We’ve shown you don't have to settle for products containing carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, hazardous flame retardants, or other toxic substances. We've demonstrated that companies can both do good and make good - while still making a profit.

2017 MADE SAFE Impact Report

In only our second year, the MADE SAFE® Certified seal has become an instantly recognizable symbol of product safety. We are also uniquely positioned to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, and to help companies prepare for a circular economy while making necessary changes to forge a safe and sustainable future for all. Together we are creating a virtuous cycle, and our momentum will only get stronger.