New MADE SAFE Certified Products from EllaOla

We are excited to introduce two MADE SAFE Certified products from EllaOla: 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil and Organic Diaper Rash Cream. EllaOla makes products for little ones, focusing on scientific, plant-based formulations. The formulations are developed in partnership with leading experts in the fields of dermatology and pediatrics, with a commitment to gentle and effective baby skincare.


The line features special plant-based ingredients such as their signature algae blend to help hydrate, soothe, and protect baby’s delicate skin. EllaOla is committed to safe, transparent formulas that parents can feel good about using, which is evidenced through their MADE SAFE Certification for these two products.

The MADE SAFE Certification demonstrates a commitment to safety, as our uniquely rigorous screening process evaluates product inputs to determine if they contain known carcinogens; endocrine disruptors such as: reproductive, neurological, behavioral, developmental or teratogenic toxins; synthetic flame retardants; high-risk pesticides; harmful solvents or VOCs. Additionally, our unique Ecosystem Approach evaluates for bioaccumulation, persistence, and environmental, terrestrial, and aquatic toxicity, making the seal protective of both humans and the environment. The MADE SAFE certification makes it easy for consumers to identify products made without chemicals known or suspected to be harmful to humans or the ecosystem.

Shop MADE SAFE Certified products by EllaOla and join us in celebrating the Certification of these two new products! Please share in the excitement on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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