Pete Myers on the Dangers of Hormone-Altering Chemicals & the Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Today, our world is drowning in a veritable soup of chemicals that are both highly toxic and loosely regulated. This sad truth paints a grim picture of future life for not only humans, but the planet at large. So how can we pioneer a new way forward? Just ask Pete Myers, founder and chief scientist of Environmental Health Sciences and trusted advisor to MADE SAFE.


In this insightful article, he shares with us important information about the hormone-altering chemicals that are threatening our future. He also explores the common pitfalls surrounding chemical usage and controversy today. Most importantly, Myers invokes a hopeful perspective for a future of safer chemicals – a vision for the future that we at MADE SAFE help companies work towards, that will usher in a healthier tomorrow for all.

Read the article in Environmental Health News:
Looking ahead: Hormone-altering chemicals threaten our health, finances and future


"We need to…do a much better job at designing the next generation of inherently safer materials."
 – Pete Myers, PhD

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