Greener and Cleaner: Inspiring Change Through Our Annual Raise the Green Bar Summit

Every fall, MADE SAFE partners with GOOD HOUSEKEEPING to co-host our sustainability summit. The intention of the event is to inspire attendees to go back to their companies and raise the green bar.

What does it mean to raise the green bar? Every company arrives for the day at a different point in their eco journey – from those who are brand new to sustainability to those who are at the forefront of green and clean. Regardless of where each company falls on the green spectrum, we can all strive to deepen our efforts in health and sustainability.

The day is jam-packed with speakers, panels, and conversation to foster innovation, passion, dedication, and determination to do better. We think you’ll find the day’s conversation inspiring too! Keep an eye on MADE SAFE’s social media to watch the speakers and panels live. Here are some speaker highlights to watch for:

  • Dr. Wallace J. NicholsNew York Times best-selling author of Blue Mind
    Dr. Nichols is an entrepreneurial scientist who works to inspire a deeper connection with nature through the neuroscience of the human-water connection. He is research associate at the California Academy of Sciences, a Senior Fellow at Middlebury Institute of International Studies’ Center for Blue Economy, and the co-founder of numerous organizations.
  • Rachel ParentYouth Food and Climate Activist
    Rachel founded Kids Right to Know, an organization dedicated to educate youth about the connection between food production and climate change, almost 10 years ago at age 11. She is also the director of Gen-Earth Events, an environmental platform dedicated to education through film and activism.
  • Kyra SedgwickActress, Producer, Director
    Kyra is an award-winning actress, producer, and director. She is best known for her starring role as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on the TNT crime drama, The Closer. Kyra is an advocate for reducing our use of plastics and living a plastic-free lifestyle. She is a member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.
  • Meika HollenderCo-founder and CEO of Sustain Natural
    Meika co-founded Sustain Natural, the leading brand of all-natural vagina-friendly products, including MADE SAFE certified condoms. Meika has consistently made marketplace history with product innovations that redefine the stigmatized narrative around female sexuality.
  • Alexandria Villaseñor – Youth Climate Activist
    Fourteen-year-old Alexandria is a leading organizer for the U.S. portion of the ongoing global Fridays for Future Climate Strikes; founder of her own nonprofit, EarthUprising; and recently made Politico’s list of the top 100 influencers of climate change policy.
  • Kate SolomonFounder & President of Babo Botanicals
    In 2010, Kate married her passion for nature with her professional expertise as a product developer to found Babo Botanicals, a natural brand offering personal care products, including MADE SAFE certified sunscreens.
  • Dianna CohenCo-founder and CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition
    Dianna is a passionate advocate working to stop plastic pollution through her work at Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC), as a visual artist, and as a speaker. PPC is a global alliance of more than 750 organizations, businesses, and thought leaders working towards a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. PPC is a partner of MADE SAFE.

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