MADE SAFE Certified: Naturepedic Bedding

The body does important rejuvenation, repair and detoxification work when resting. But if the environment you sleep in is toxic, you’re adding unnecessary work to the load limiting the body’s innate ability to preserve our health and prepare us for the new day ahead.

Babies and children are particularly vulnerable to toxic chemicals in this regard. They sleep more than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development; combined with the fact that exposure to toxic chemicals during these critical windows of development can be detrimental, it’s important that babies and children are sleeping on safe surfaces.

Common toxic chemicals in bedding can include:

  • Flame retardant chemicals linked to endocrine disruption, lower IQ, ADD, fertility issues, thyroid disease and cancer in mattresses and pillows
  • Formaldehyde in sheets labeled “wrinkle-free”
  • Vinyl, which relies on many toxic chemicals throughout its production, including cancer-causing chemicals, asthma triggers, and developmental toxins, as a cover in crib mattresses

The problem is that bedding doesn’t come with labels for concerned parents to read to avoid these things.

That’s why we’re excited that Naturepedic has certified all of their bedding as MADE SAFE, from mattresses and pillows to sheets and changing table pads. This means that Naturepedic bedding doesn’t contain any materials or components that are known carcinogens, behavioral, developmental, reproductive, and neuro toxins, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, high risk pesticides, fire retardants, GMOs, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs.

Naturepedic was founded by a grandfather searching for an acceptable crib mattress for his grandchild. When he couldn’t find one, he decided to set his own standards for safer sleeping surfaces—and Naturepedic has since become the first company with MADE SAFE certified bedding products.

Find Naturepedic bedding here.

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