New Healthy Baby Guide Helps Parents Find Safe Options

Maybe you’ve just learned you’re pregnant, or maybe you have a new baby or growing children. Perhaps you and your partner are just thinking about having a family. Whatever the reason, you may be hearing troubling things about toxic chemicals around you—especially chemicals in plastic and other harmful ingredients in the things you use daily—and how these chemicals affect not just the environment, but also the human body and particularly growing babies, infants, and children.

But it can be overwhelming to try to figure it all out by yourself. Can’t someone just tell you what’s safe and what’s not?!

Why yes, in fact, we can.

Made Safe and Plastic Pollution Coalition have teamed up to create the first-ever Healthy Baby Guide, with everything you need to keep you and your children safe from harmful chemicals:

  • Where toxic chemicals lurk in plastics and other everyday products
  • How they impact babies, pregnant women, and women trying to become pregnant
  • Tips for avoiding plastic and other toxics in everyday life
  • Product recommendations

This guide is broken out by rooms in your house for ultimate ease:

  • Nursery
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • General Household
  • Outdoors
  • With a special category for pregnant women and moms

From teethers, toys, and bottles to bedding, baby wash, diaper cream, and more, we’ve got answers for you.

Products recommended in this guide have been MADE SAFE® certified not to contain toxic chemicals linked to human health or environmental harm, which means a trusted third party did the work for you of making sure products are safe according to the best available science. Brands listed are also part of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, which means they’re committed to the vision of a world free of plastic pollution.

The goal of this guide is to help you make better, safer choices for a healthy and sustainable future.

What people are saying about the Healthy Baby Guide:

This baby guide is a powerful RX for minimizing environmental exposures for our babies and children.” – Dr. Mark Hyman

“The modern world has been described as a toxic soup, with over 80,000 synthetic chemicals on the market that have never been tested for safety in humans. While we live in toxic overload, we also live in information overload and it is hard to know which products to buy, which companies to trust, and how to keep your babies and children safe from toxic chemicals. The Made Safe & Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Healthy Baby Guide is an essential tool for all parents and parents-to-be. This guide provides clear instructions on how to buy safe products and avoid practices that damage our children’s health and the health of the planet. It is a first-stop for the educated consumer.”  – Beth Lambert, author, children’s health advocate, and Executive Director of Epidemic Answers & The Documenting Hope Project

“In addition to the health benefits delineated, by offering lists of ‘made safe products’ the guide will enable consumers to send a clear message to industry which can create ‘a tipping point’ where companies will change the ingredients of their products to safe, non-toxic alternatives based on consumer demand.” – Dr. Michelle Perro

“Our deepest instinct, our greater responsibility, is caring for our young. And, let’s face it, we could all use a little help in avoiding the toxic pitfalls that seem to abound in modern life. The Healthy Baby Guide is an invaluable roadmap, an essential tool to inform every parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent. Get your copy now!” – Ed Begley, Jr.

“When we had our children in ’89 and ’92 we searched in vain for information to guide our toy, food, utensil and bottle choices. We wish we had half of the information in this guide. When toxins are ubiquitous and hiding in plain sight, we need research like this to make good choices with our pocketbook.” – Kyra Sedgewick & Kevin Bacon

What you may not realize is that you have enormous economic power to shift the marketplace away from harmful materials. Companies watch what you buy closely, and by supporting companies that are making safer products, you can help make change happen, so that one day, you won’t even need a guide like this. Together, we can create a world where every product on the shelf is safe to begin with.

Check out The Healthy Baby Guide, and share with all the loved ones in your life who are parents, pregnant women, and couples looking to start a family.

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