New MADE SAFE Certified Home Cleaning Concentrate from Branch Basics


Branch Basics’ three founders, Allison Evans, Kelly Love and Marilee Nelson, started the company to help others experience the power of the body’s innate ability to heal, which is something each of them experienced. One of the most crucial elements for each of their healing journeys was removing harmful cleaners, pesticides and synthetic fragrances from their homes. This led them to create a safe and effective nontoxic alternative for cleaning. 


At MADE SAFE, we are excited about Branch Basics’ founders’ commitment to educating and inspiring others about the possibility and positive impact of living a nontoxic life, and their first MADE SAFE® certified product: The Concentrate!

MADE SAFE: Why are you proud of your MADE SAFE® certification?
Branch Basics: It’s not easy to formulate products that are truly safe for people. There’s a lot of research, commitment, persistence, and testing required. Because “nontoxic” on a label is not enough in today’s world of greenwashing, we wanted to go the extra mile to provide substantiated declarations on our labels. Getting the MADE SAFE seal of approval acknowledges and validates our dedication to prioritizing human health. 

MADE SAFE: Why is it important to have third-party validation for your products?
Branch Basics: Although we thoroughly vetted our product internally at Branch Basics, we were interested in having a third party verify our findings because safety was always our number one priority when it came to the creation of our formula. We are passionate about leading the cleaning industry to a higher standard by empowering consumers with transparency and an open policy when it comes to the safety of the products they use in their homes.

Receiving MADE SAFE certification for our Concentrate not only confirms our efforts, but assures the consumer that our product has been determined to be free of ingredients known or suspected to harm humans, animals and the environment.

MADE SAFE: What do you wish shoppers understood about the kind of products you make?
Branch Basics: First off, our fragrance-free multipurpose Concentrate is unique in that it is ONE formula, diluted with different amounts of water, that can replace ALL your cleaning needs…laundry detergent, stain removal, all-purpose, bathroom, hand wash, floors…the list goes on! Instead of having countless cleaners under the sink, you can simplify and save money using our one Concentrate.

Second, not all green cleaners are created equal. Greenwashing is very problematic today and makes it difficult to trust what’s safe and what’s not. We have a high bar for our ingredients and truly care about the safety of our customers. We wish consumers knew more about the greenwashing and marketing quips companies use to deceive us on the front of packaging. We want consumers to read every. single. ingredient.

Finally, there is often skepticism about the effectiveness of natural cleaners. We want shoppers to know that our product is not just safe, it really does work! It took us over 18 months and 100 iterations to create our formula! We knew that not only did it need to pass our high standards of safety (every single ingredient is pure and safe to use on the body), but it had to work.

We would never introduce a product on the market that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

MADE SAFE: What’s the one product in your line you can’t live without, and why?
Branch Basics: The Concentrate. It’s our hero product that makes over a dozen other cleaning products. It allows the consumer to have one single bottle that they can use to make all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, stain remover, laundry detergent, oven cleaner, dish soap, hand wash, and more.

MADE SAFE: Why are you concerned about toxic chemicals in our daily lives?
Branch Basics: Harmful chemicals in, on, and around bodies can undermine our health and keep us from reaching our full potential. We have a chronic disease epidemic in adults and children today. Our mental, physical and emotional health is being negatively impacted by eating foods and using products that contain harmful chemicals. Children’s brains are being altered. Our everyday choices seriously matter (for much more than just looking good). We hope more people learn that the products they use every day can impact health because that will mean we can ultimately eliminate toxic chemicals from regular use.

For a current list of MADE SAFE® certified products from Branch Basics, visit this page.

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