New MADE SAFE Certified Products from AYUNA

AYUNA’s origins go back to the beginning of the 2000s when founders Isabel Ramos, PhD and Begoña Sanjuan met at work. Their years of professional experience in the cosmetics industry along with their mutual vision for a radically different approach to skincare led to the creation of AYUNA • Less is Beauty.


Key to their concept is the idea that the marketplace doesn’t need another skincare line, it needs better ones. That is what Isabel and Begoña set out to forge: products based in their scientific-botanical approach to cosmetics that favors simple beauty. In their own words: “Anti-aging implies an intrinsic war against aging. AYUNA • Less Is Beauty dares to disrupt this mindset and replace it with WELL•AGING, a modern and integrated approach to beauty which embraces a lifestyle that promotes aging gracefully.”

We love the idea that fuels AYUNA’s founders and their entire approach to personal care. We’re thrilled to announce the MADE SAFE Certification of their Cream II. Read on to learn more about this product and the women behind its creation.  

Q&A with co-founder Begoña Sanjuan, AYUNA • Less Is Beauty

Why did you start your company?We created AYUNA • Less Is Beauty based on the philosophy that the world does not need more beauty products – it needs better ones. We also wanted to change the skincare dialogue from anti-aging to Well·Aging.

Since our launch at the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles in 2017, we dared to disrupt the traditional mindset about aging by replacing it with “Well·Aging,” a modern and integrated approach to beauty that embraces a lifestyle that accepts and welcomes aging gracefully.

Why are you proud of your MADE SAFE Certification?We love MADE SAFE because it is based in science. MADE SAFE has values with which AYUNA identifies, and it is a seal which we are extremely proud to have been awarded for our Cream II.

Why is it important to have third-party validation for your products?
Establishing and continually increasing credibility is essential for AYUNA. This kind of validation provides proof that our formula is “Made With Safe Ingredients™.”

Why are your products different from other, more conventional, products in the space?
The AYUNA strategy to combat accelerated skin aging is inspired by the age-old practice of fasting, which is based on the principles of rest and detoxification (physical, sensorial and emotional) to reinforce the body’s capacity for self-healing and restore harmony. We developed this strategy after seeing the results of research based on epigenetics and the skin-brain connection that indicates our modern-day lifestyle reduces our skin’s performance. Stress can stimulate skin aging which may be further exacerbated when combined with poor nutrition, bad habits, environmental factors, and the demands of pursuing beauty ideals.

Our science utilizes botanical stem cell cultures, a combination of microbiome-friendly preservatives of natural origin, iconic fragrance based on the benefits of natural essential oils, and we insist on using natural ingredients that are organic whenever possible (on average between 30-70% organic).

In our products, we used an intentional approach when we introduced the principles of fasting brought together with a unique sensory experience. Fasting for the skin is the same as the basis for general fasting: when we eliminate overstimulation, and provide balanced formulas, self-repair and self-regeneration mechanisms may be activated.

What do you wish shoppers understood about the kind of products you make?
AYUNA is an eco-luxury skincare line rooted in the science of fasting to provide Well•Aging benefits. We believe reducing excess stimuli promotes the skin’s own repair mechanisms. The effect of applying AYUNA Cream II for a 28-day period has been measured in a study of women aged between 30 and 50. The results included: reduced wrinkles, enhanced elasticity and glow, improved texture and complexion, and visibly reduced spots.

Founders of AYUNA photo
Begoña Sanjuan (left) and Isabel Ramos, PhD, founders of AYUNA • Less Is Beauty

Thank you, Begoña, for helping us introduce the MADE SAFE community to AYUNA. We’re so thrilled to share about this MADE SAFE Certified product!

For a current list of MADE SAFE® certified products from AYUNA, visit this page.

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