New Solution to Toxic Feminine Care: Organ(y)c’s Moderate Flow Pads

Organ(y)c has certified their Moderate Flow Pad as MADE SAFE, becoming one of the first brands with feminine care verified as made with safe ingredients not known to harm our health.

Why does this matter? Let us break it down for you.

Studies show that 62-73% of women in the U.S. use menstrual pads.[1],[2] These products are used for several days at a time on a monthly basis, and come into contact with some of the most sensitive skin on women’s bodies.

So you’d think those products should be safe, right? Wrong (unfortunately). Pads are linked to irritation and allergic rash, which some studies have attributed to fragrance chemicals. Many pads are scented, and common fragrance ingredients include allergens, reproductive toxins like phthalates, and hormone disruptors like synthetic musks.[3] Studies have also linked allergic rash and irritation to components of the adhesives in the pads.[4]

Most pads aren’t even made with cotton. Most are made of synthetic material like SAPs (Super Absorbent Polymers). Additionally, the absorbent materials in pads can often be bleached with chlorine, a process that creates dioxins and furans, which are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and reproductive toxicity. Some pads are made with traditionally grown cotton as opposed to organic, which means that pesticide residues can exist as well.

Well then, it should be easy to read a label on a box of pads and avoid these, right? Wrong again. (We know, it’s ridiculous.) The FDA doesn’t require all ingredients on pads and tampons to be listed. So that means women can’t avoid the chemicals that might be harming their health on a monthly basis.

Until now.

The Organ(y)c Moderate Flow Pad is made with 100% organic cotton! No SAPs. No secret toxic fragrance ingredients. It’s certified made without known carcinogens, reproductive toxins, hormone disruptors, or other chemicals known to harm our health.

Now you don’t have to choose between managing the monthly flow and protecting your health from toxic chemicals—which, frankly, is a choice no woman should ever have to make.

Find Organ(y)c and other MADE SAFE certified feminine care products here.

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