Companies by Owner

Below is a list of brands, and their corresponding parent company names, with currently MADE SAFE® Certified products.


Ah! Yes ~ Bio-Tech Lubricants, Ltd.

Annmarie Skin Care

Avocado Green Mattress

Ayuna ~ Bit Beauty, SL

Babo Botanicals

Betterair ~ Better Air Environments, LLC

Blueland ~ One Home Brands, Inc.

Branch Basics ~ Power of Pure, LLC

Brentwood Home

Buhbli Organics

Caboo ~ Caboo Paper Products, Inc.

Caldera + Lab

Captain Blankenship

Clary Collection



Divine Tandav ~ PURERITI

EllaOla ~ Ella Ola Brands, Inc.


Fontana Candle Co.


Good Clean Love

H. Honeycup

Happsy ~ Safe For Home Products, LLC 

healthybaby ~ Fewer Better Things, LLC

Herbcience ~ Herbal Fresh Naturals Private Limited

Jonahfresh ~ Jonah Care, Inc.

Kaelen Harwell

Kate McLeod


Leaf People

LOLI Beauty ~ LOLI Beauty, Inc.

Lullaby Earth ~ Safe For Home Products, LLC 

Lumineux ~ Oral Essentials, Inc.

Meliora Cleaning Products ~ Meliora K


My Green Mattress ~ My Green Mattress, Inc.

Natracare ~ Bodywise (UK) Ltd.

Natural Sloth

Naturepedic ~ Safe For Home Products, LLC

Nuele ~ Nuelehair

Oilogic ~ Ignite Brands, LLC

Organyc ~ Corman USA, Inc.

Pleni ~ Pleni Naturals

Pura ~ Pura Stainless

Pure ~ Pure Natural Cleaners

Radico ~ Radico USA / Colour Me Organic

Rejuva Minerals ~ Rejuva Minerals, Inc.

Shimmer Chef

Soapply ~ Soapply & Co.



True Botanicals

Wellements ~ Wellements, LLC