Welcome to MADE SAFE

  • We’re thrilled to have your company with us on our journey toward a safe and sustainable future. Now that you’ve gotten through the hard part - the science and research side of things - and you have actual certified products, the fun begins!

  • In case you are new to our certification program, allow me to explain a bit about the way we work and our rigorous screening process. MADE SAFE is a program of Nontoxic Certified, a nonprofit organization that specializes in ingredients and safer solutions. MADE SAFE is the only comprehensive human and ecosystem health certification program screening a wide array of household products. We give shoppers a way to know which products are free of harmful ingredients. All MADE SAFE® Certified products have been carefully crafted to omit ingredients known or suspected to harm human health or animals, aquatic life, or the environment - what we refer to as the “ecosystem” in our work.

  • MADE SAFE primarily uses a hazard-based approach that identifies potentially problematic ingredients and encourages substitution. Our process examines ingredients and materials using our Element360 Ingredient Database to ensure there are no known behavioral toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, fire retardants, heavy metals, neurotoxins, high risk pesticides, reproductive toxins, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs used in products. We also exercise the precautionary principle for GMOs, synthetic biology, and synthetic nanoparticles. Then we layer in our 360-degree Ecosystem Approach screening, as we work with researchers and chemists to evaluate whether each and every ingredient (and all the sub-ingredients) will bioaccumulate; persist in the water, sediment, or soil; contribute to air pollution; or cause harm to aquatic life or wildlife.

  • MADE SAFE brings world-class science to companies of every size, making deeply researched and chemist-analyzed ingredient information affordable. By providing this robust, scientific information to formulators, we can ensure that products are being made with ingredients that are all part of a circular, sustainable, and safe economy.

  • Your MADE SAFE® Certified products have passed this ingredient examination process! It is hard to craft a product entirely from MADE SAFE ingredients. And yet, you did just that. This is an accomplishment worth celebrating publicly!

  • These products are a critical step toward creating a world in which harmful chemicals and materials are eliminated from production and use, even in the absence of outside regulation. This is why I started MADE SAFE - to shine a light on pioneering companies like yours that are making a difference and forging a safe and sustainable future for us all. By using our trusted third-party seal, you demonstrate your company’s commitment to a healthy future for our planet. At MADE SAFE we know that shoppers want this seal - we hear all the time “just tell us what to buy!” from concerned parents and caregivers.

  • Again, thank you for being a part of this movement for a MADE SAFE future! You are showing it is possible for a company to both do good and be good. I personally salute all your hard work.

  • Amy Ziff

    Founder / Executive Director

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At this time our handbook is divided into two modules. Our goal is to help your company learn more about MADE SAFE in order to maximize our program’s many benefits.

MADE SAFE Handbook Module 1 Seal Use Language Guidelines

Seal Use & Language Guidelines

MADE SAFE Handbook Module 2 Social Media Community Engagement

Social Media & Community Engagement


Program Withdrawal Terms

See the attached document below to review the terms of withdrawal, which specify the process and steps involved in the event a company does not wish to renew their annual participation in the MADE SAFE program.