14 Nontoxic Gifts for a MADE SAFE Valentine’s Day

This year, do February 14th right. That means ditching the same-old box of so-so chocolates, the stuffed animals doomed for the donation box, sub-par grocery store flowers, and last-minute online purchases. Instead, how about a nontoxic gift that both of you will love?

We’ve gathered 14 of our favorite MADE SAFE® certified products to give to your sweetie. Every gift is gender neutral, making it perfect for whomever you call yours.

Kate Mcleod Naked Stone image

Kate McLeod

The NAKED STONE moisturizer melts when it comes in contact with your skin. Perfect for massages with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day and beyond. (Plus, it comes in a reusable bamboo canister, reducing packaging waste!)


KosmatologyKosmatology Spruced Up image

With multiple scents, you’re sure to find the right one to suit your person. If shopping for the man in your life, we like Spruce’d Up. It skips the aggressively “masculine” scents found in most conventional body washes and is scented with essential oils instead, creating a lighter, more natural-smelling scent you and your sweetie will both love.


Halcyon Mattress image

Luxury Organic Mattress

Want to take gift giving to the next level this year? Shop Naturepedic’s Halcyon Luxury Organic Mattresses. The line is purposefully customizable so you can find the perfect mattress for the both of you!


Good Clean Love Almost Naked lubricant image

Good Clean Love
Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

Your and your lover’s most sensitive parts deserve Good Clean Love’s Naked Organic Personal Lubricant. It’s formulated to be long-lasting, non-irritating to sensitive skin, and feel silky smooth. This V-Day, go ahead and make your nooky nontoxic — you’ll be totally in love.


Coyuchi sheets image

300 Thread Count Organic Percale Sheets

With Coyuchi’s 100% organic cotton sheets, give an excuse to spend the day in bed together (just you two and no nasty toxins). What else is there to say?


Annmarie Skin Care
Love – Pure Essential Oil Blend

Here’s what we’re thinking: You and your sweetie snuggling in bed (see Coyuchi sheets above!) diffusing this sensual oil on Valentine’s Day. You’ll be enveloped in jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. Yum.


Caldera + Lab
The Good – Multi-Functional Serum

If your sweetie is a man, this nighttime serum is for him. Designed for men, The Good is a one-step regimen that can simplify (or simply add to) your man’s bedtime routine. This clinically-backed formulation combines fireweed, elderflower, and yarrow harvested in the Teton Mountain Range aimed at bringing out younger, smoother, firmer, and brighter skin. Remember: beautiful skin is always sexy.


True Botanicals Renew Cellular Repair Serum image

True Botanicals
Renew Cellular Repair Serum

True Botanicals’ nighttime serum is perfect for anyone you call yours, especially for the woman in your life. This product is a hard-hitter with the goal of reversing sun damage and restoring barrier function for more resilient skin that retains moisture. Give totally touchable, totally kissable skin this V-Day.


LOLI Chia Carrot Brulee image

MINI Chia Carrot Brûlée

This luscious moisturizing balm is über versatile. Use on face, lips, body (and beard!). We recommend massaging into any dry patches that need a little extra TLC post-polar vortex. We also love this brûlée as a beard balm to keep hair and skin extra soft and kissable. Key word this V-Day: kissable.


Alaffia Eucalyptus bath image

Babies & Kids Shea Bubble Bath – Eucalyptus Mint

Yeah, we know, it says “Babies & Kids,” but don’t we all deserve amazing bubble bath? Grab a few natural candles, a glass of organic champagne, this bubble bath, and your loved one, and you’ve got all the ingredients for complete relaxation.


Good Clean Love Sensual Oils image

Good Clean Love
Sensual Essences Love Oils Gift Set

Choose your own adventure! The oils in this set – Caribbean Rose, Origins, and Indian Spice – can be used as massage oil, perfume, or even on the lips for a kiss. Who knows what you and your love will dream up?


Soapwalla The Balm imageSoapwalla

This unisex balm is ideal for the minimalist in your life; one product does it all. This balm is great for face, under-eyes, lips, and bodies. May we suggest this balm for a V-Day foot rub?


Happsy mattress topper image

Mattress Topper

Give your person (and yourself) the gift of a better and healthier night’s sleep. Happsy’s mattress topper uses only MADE SAFE vetted materials like cotton and latex. This topper is the perfect place to start if you’re not yet ready to make the swap to a certified mattress.


Sustain condoms image

Sustain Natural
Lubricated Latex Condoms

Okay, you caught us. Condoms aren’t exactly gift-giving material for most of us. But with love (and sex) in the air, we couldn’t resist including these on the list. If you haven’t yet made the swap from conventional condoms, now’s the time. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.



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