Announcing The Good from Caldera + Lab

The First MADE SAFE Certified Skin Care for Men! 

Caldera + Lab’s The Good, a multi-functional serum, is a complete post-cleanse regimen for men formulated with sustainably wild-harvested and organic ingredients. This do-it-all product is clinically backed to reveal brighter, smoother, and tighter skin in one step. 

Made Safe connected with founders Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre to learn more about The Good and their journey to becoming founders of Caldera + Lab.

Made Safe: Why did you start Caldera + Lab?
Stacy and Jared: We moved from LA to Jackson Hole because we were inspired by the healthy active lifestyle and outdoor adventures the Teton Mountain Range has to offer. Shortly after, we noticed that the rugged, high-altitude environment was wreaking havoc on our skin. The men’s brands that existed didn’t have the quality and efficacy we needed – so we decided to create it. After more than two years of development, bringing together industries’ brightest minds and local high-altitude alpine botanicals, Caldera + Lab was born. Our goal was to make a simple-to-use and powerful product that could address a wide range of issues, and replace all other products to go alongside your cleanser.

Made Safe: How did you become concerned about toxic chemicals in everyday life?
Stacy and Jared: When we were pregnant with our first child and became aware of growing food allergies and developmental issues becoming more common, we began to research the connection between health and the chemicals found in our food, personal care, and household products. From what we learned, we decided to become more conscious with our purchases and eliminate as many chemically-laden products from our lives as possible.

Made Safe: What motivated you to become MADE SAFE® certified?
Stacy and Jared: We are in a highly unregulated industry, and Caldera + Lab is committed to ensuring our brand and business practices are certified by leading third parties when it comes to producing nontoxic products, social impact, and leaving a lighter footprint. We believe MADE SAFE is unique as the first certification to go beyond organic regulations and EPA’s registered 85,000 chemicals, to classify toxins that build up over time and stick around in our bodies, environment, and oceans. We trust and believe in MADE SAFE certified products and are proud to be part of a family of products you can feel safe using for yourself, your kids, and your home. We also have certified other clean elements of our business and brand by obtaining certifications from Ecocert, PETA, Leaping Bunny, and B-Corp.

Made Safe: What do you want shoppers to know about The Good?
Stacy and Jared: We source the absolute highest-grade ingredients available. We go beyond organic with our products, committed first and foremost to wild-harvesting every summer. Wild-harvesting captures plants in their pure, whole form at their peak potency without disrupting natural ecosystems for farming. To ensure sustainability, we only wild-harvest up to 30 percent of the growth on designated lands.

We bring that same dedication to sustainability into our packaging. We ensure our packaging is minimal, and then use only post-consumer and recyclable materials, almost entirely Forest Stewardship Council-certified. Our bottle is 100 percent recyclable glass, our tube is made from post-consumer waste paper – even the wood on our dropper is certified by the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification to come only from sustainable forests.

Made Safe: What’s your favorite healthy living hack?
Stacy and Jared: Celery juice is our latest health hack. We started drinking it a few months ago, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Scientists have shown that celery contains powerful antioxidants, along with other vitamins and nutrients – and we believe healthy skin starts with a strong gut microbiome.

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