Calling All Moms & Dads: Oilogic Certifies Essential Oil Roll-Ons

For moms and dads wanting truly natural products, we’ve certified Oilogic’s Essential Oil Roll-Ons for babies and children. Oilogic dilutes 100% pure essential oils with natural carrier oils to work safely on your little ones.

To ensure there are no impurities or synthetics, they conduct Gas Chromatagraph Mass Spectometry testing on each oil.

Oilogic’s Roll-On collection was founded by moms who knew the benefits of essential oils but were overwhelmed by the research and time needed for proper blending and child-appropriate dilution. Using trusted, tested blends ensures safety and convenience for busy parents seeking plant-based protection.

Babies and children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemical exposure. Their immune and organ systems are still developing, and some chemicals may interfere with those processes; they breathe more often and more deeply and consume more pound per pound than adults, increasing their exposure to toxics in their environments; and children have faster metabolisms, which speeds up their rate of absorption of contaminants.[1]

Studies show that early exposures to toxic chemicals for children 0-6 can result in long term health problems like infertilty, cancer, ADD, autism, obesity, and more.[2] Conversely, studies show that actively avoiding toxic chemicals actually lowers levels of them in the body.[3]

We’re proud to have certified Oilogic’s Essential Oil Roll-Ons to make it easy for parents to find essential oil solutions they can trust are made with safe ingredients.

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