Calling Green Youth Activists!

Become a MADE SAFE-Trained Youth Ambassador

Are you into protecting the planet? Are you always talking with people about ways to minimize their impact or carbon footprint? Do you want to do something to reduce humanity’s negative impact on our air, water, and soil? Maybe you already know a lot about being “green” but you’d like to better understand what is driving the destruction of our environment and deepen your green to learn about chemicals and their impact.

If you’re passionate about learning and taking action on the climate crisis, join our program to become a MADE SAFE®-trained Youth Ambassador.


Tools to help you help our planet For the first time ever, MADE SAFE is inviting the younger generation to get involved in environmental health solutions: Learn ways to take action on chemicals, to activate your community, and to create lifelong, lasting change. The Youth Ambassador program will leverage MADE SAFE’s scientific community, talking points, advocacy and resources. We will provide you with the education, information and awareness tools to help you create change as a steward to all of the amazing life forms that share this world we call Earth.

The MADE SAFE Youth Ambassador program In this program you will learn why the Ecosystem Approach can help generate products for a regenerative future. Each month you’ll hear directly from authors, experts and scientists on a wide variety of topics related to pollution and environmental health. Youth Ambassadors will have access to the MADE SAFE team for learning, and receive sharing materials, social media components and more. You’ll also be part of a growing Ambassador program where you’ll meet other motivated individuals who are advocates for change.

Welcoming youth ages 15-25

  • Candidates have expressed interest in protecting human health and the environment, and will provide examples of where/how they’ve taken action, suggest ideas for the future, and present a proven drive for success.
  • Applicants should be fluent on social media and comfortable making social posts.  
  • This opportunity is open to youth ages 15-25 across the country. We welcome diverse individuals from all backgrounds.
  • If you’re interested in applying to become a Youth Ambassador, please fill out this form. Join us to become part of a generation of eco-changemakers!


To learn more about MADE SAFE, check out our Mission/Vision, and visit Instagram for more background on our nonprofit organization and the products we certify.

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