Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Endorses MADE SAFE Seal

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with the far-reaching Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a project of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has endorsed the MADE SAFE seal. This means it’s encouraging its Business Network of over 1200 companies to become MADE SAFE certified and directing its followers to our website to find safe personal care products and cosmetics.

In case you can’t tell, this is a really big deal! We’re honored to be endorsed by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which has long been a national authority on toxic chemicals in personal care products.

This is also a big deal because personal care products are a major route of toxic chemical exposure for women. It’s perfectly legal for chemicals linked to breast cancer, fertility problems, hormone disruption, and other toxic chemicals to be included in products we put on our bodies. Together, MADE SAFE and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics are finally providing solutions for women to find healthier options.

MADE SAFE is proud to be part of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. This coalition is leading the way for cosmetic safety reform at the national level, working with women’s, public health, labor, environmental health and consumer rights groups to protect the health of consumers, workers and the environment. Through public education and engagement, corporate accountability and sustainability campaigns, and legislative advocacy, the Campaign works to eliminate dangerous chemicals linked to adverse health impacts from cosmetics and personal care products.

On our side, MADE SAFE connects brands to the Campaign to become involved in calling for legislation to get toxic ingredients out of beauty products, and we’ve created a new portal on our website that connects people to the Campaign to become involved in policy change.

We’re thrilled about this new partnership, which is designed to move the market toward safer personal care products and secure stricter federal regulation of cosmetic safety. Together, we can make change so much faster.

On that note, check out the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and sign up for their newsletter to stay in the know!

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