Celebrate Earth Day by Refusing Single-Use Plastics

As we celebrate Earth Day, the MADE SAFE team is looking at ways that we can refuse single-use plastic, and even reduce the amount of plastic we consume – period.

There are so many issues related to plastic pollution – it causes problems for our health, our aquatic ecosystems, our food systems, and our communities. The ubiquitous problem of plastic as a material encompasses everything from endocrine disruption to a lack of biodegradability, and many more issues in-between. For this reason, MADE SAFE Certification does not permit the use of single-use plastic in any Certified products and we encourage sustainable packaging practices.


Not sure where to start when it comes to reducing plastic in your life? We’ve compiled a list of five tips that are a great place to start. These tips will help you along the way and inspire you to seek out new and creative ways to tackle the plastic pollution problem right in your own home.

  1. Utilize reusable grocery and produce bags at the grocery store. This is a really easy place to start.
  2. Avoid wipes made of plastic which contribute to plastic waste, and search out options made with natural materials like cotton. You can shop MADE SAFE certified wipes for better options.
  3. Choose products packaged in glass, bamboo, stainless steel, or other innovative packaging instead. (Remember, compostable plastic is still plastic!)
  4. Use glass or stainless-steel water bottles to replace single use plastic water bottles in your life. You can find great options for this by shopping MADE SAFE Certified Pura Stainless
  5. Invest in a reusable set of utensils and a straw to carry with you whenever you are out and about. It’s amazing how many single-use plastics are generated by eating on-the-go.

This Earth Day, we hope these tips will inspire you to reduce your plastic footprint and live a little lighter on this planet we call home.

Are you on a plastic-free journey? Share your favorite plastic-free or plastic reducing tips with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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