Celebrating & Honoring Earth’s Gifts

This year for Earth Day, we are celebrating the incredible bounty of this planet we call home and the importance of caring for it. Our certification process, the MADE SAFE Banned & Restricted List, and the full Ecosystem Approach we employ, are a reflection of our dedication to being good stewards of the earth. At MADE SAFE, we are thankful for Earth’s rich resources – especially the plants and herbs that grow wild and can enrich the products we use daily.

This Earth Day 2021, we’re highlighting a few brands with MADE SAFE® certified goods that draw from these materials as a way to celebrate our connection to the earth.

Formulating with food: Pleni Naturals

Pleni Naturals’ personal care collection showcases the extraordinary qualities found in real fruits and vegetables, by bringing wholesome and nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables out of the kitchen and into your personal care routine (read about their ingredients). Whether it’s their Apple + Broccoli Hair & Body Wash featuring—you guessed it—apple and broccoli, or their Day Squad Face Oil featuring tomato fruit extract and turmeric, their products boast a colorful array of REAL food-derived goodness.


Recycle & renew: Coyuchi

Celebrating 30 years in 2021, Coyuchi has many sustainability commitments that are admirable. One in particular we applaud is their Circular Initiative which seeks to push back against the enormous amount of textile waste generated in the U.S. every year. Using only organic fibers grown in dirt, the Circular Initiative is a textile renewal and recycling program that provides a second home and repurposed life for your used Coyuchi linens. You can shop Coyuchi’s line of recycled goods in their 2nd Home Renewed™ shop, where products made using recycled linens can be purchased for 40% off the original retail price.


Connecting to the source: Avocado Green Mattress

You’ve heard the phrase “farm to table,” but have you heard about Avocado Green Mattress’ Farm to Mattress® commitment? This means that they are their own source for many of their products’ materials. They manage 40,000 hectares in northern India where they raise 180,000 sheep to ensure the sustainability of the wool that goes into their products. They also co-own their own latex processing facility in Kochi and manage more than 4,000 acres of sustainable latex farms. Read the Avocado story.


Protecting biodiversity: Symbiome

Symbiome formulates their products with simple ingredients inspired by the Amazon rainforest, thoughtfully sourced from an organic farm in Brazil that prioritizes sustainability and regenerative farming practices. With great respect and love for the Amazon and its biodiversity, Symbiome donates 1% of all sales to the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), an organization that collaborates with indigenous communities to protect tropical forests and strengthen traditional culture. Read the Symbiome story.


Sustainable & reusable packaging: Kate McLeod

A product born out of love not only for the kitchen, but also developed in the kitchen, Kate McLeod’s body stones are formulated with what the two moms behind the business call nature’s “skin food.” The ingredients that go into the body stones, like cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, are sustainably sourced and locally produced. But something we especially love about the products is that they are sustainably packaged. The unique moisturizing system is delivered in a sustainably farmed, reusable bamboo canister that can house future body stones for years to come. Read the Kate McLeod story.


Harnessing herbs: Annmarie Skin Care

Annmarie Skin Care’s “clean beauty” products are inspired by nature with intention. Every Annmarie Skin Care product has a unique, synergistic formulation of herbs that is created specifically with the product, its purpose, and the target skin type in mind. They source wildcrafted and organically-grown ingredients to create thoughtfully-designed products that celebrate the remarkable gift that herbals bring to the world. Read their 2020 Skin Care Sustainability Report which focuses on product, sourcing, packaging, and company practices. 


MADE SAFE is proud to work with many honest, ethical, and hardworking brands. Every MADE SAFE certified product honors the Earth and gives back to the ecosystem by working to protect it. We are grateful to play a part in helping these, and many other companies, achieve ingredient safety, sustainability and full transparency.

We hope that today you’ll make room to take some time to reflect on our incredible planet and consider ways to live a little more consciously within it.

With love,




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