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About Half Hippy

Co-Founders Marian Miranda and Upahar Rana founded Half Hippy with a mission to provide effective, inclusive, sustainable, and accessible clean skincare solutions for everyone. Their high-performing, multi-use formulations are sourced with an emphasis on local, organic, wild crafted, and fair-trade ingredients.

Marian is a makeup artist with 15 years of experience with a wide variety of cosmetics and skincare formulations. As head of product development, her in-house expertise in clean ingredients has successfully created results-driven, high-performing, and proprietary skincare formulations for Half Hippy. After transitioning to a more natural lifestyle, she now uses her MUA background and ingredient knowledge to create natural alternatives to conventional products.

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Upahar is a multi-disciplinary creative director with extensive experience in creating impactful branding and business development for mission-driven D2C/CPG lifestyle brands with expertise in sustainable skincare product innovation. With her Nepali and Indian heritage, she’s applied her generationally acquired knowledge of ayurvedic-inspired formulations to create healing skincare. She’s now committed to sharing sustainable and all-natural lifestyle choices to impact both the world and its people with an eco-conscious footprint.

About MADE SAFE® Certification

MADE SAFE certification demonstrates a commitment to safety, as our uniquely rigorous screening process evaluates product inputs to ensure they have not been formulated with known carcinogens; endocrine disruptors such as: reproductive, neurological, behavioral, developmental or teratogenic toxins; synthetic flame retardants; high-risk pesticides; harmful solvents or VOCs.

Additionally, our unique Ecosystem Approach evaluates for bioaccumulation, persistence, and environmental, terrestrial, and aquatic toxicity, making our seal protective of both humans and the environment. MADE SAFE certification makes it easy for consumers to identify products made without chemicals known or suspected to be harmful to humans or the ecosystem.

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