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Over the years, Blaine Burgan’s family business has evolved, from laundromat owner to home cleaning product entrepreneur. You might think the laundromat was the reason he created his own brand of laundry detergent, but that is only part of the reason. In fact, like many entrepreneurs, Burgan’s expansion was born of a need. His three children had allergic reactions to conventional laundry detergents (including skin irritations and common cold symptoms).


To help them, he set out to make a product that would be safe, effective and non-irritating. A family conversation one Earth Day sparked the expansion; the children wanted to know if the customers at the laundromat knew what their regular detergents were doing to the environment – as well as their bodies. After much research and learning about the soapberry fruit (wild-harvested in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains from Sapindus Mukorossi trees), Pure Natural Cleaners’ very own laundry detergent was born.

Now, after several years of experience producing laundry soap, Burgan has expanded the line to include a liquid dishwashing detergent, hand soaps, and a multi-purpose cleaner. All of the formulas use the soapberry fruit and they are all MADE SAFE Certified. In addition to ingredient purity, Burgan wanted to deliver his products in environmentally-friendly packaging, not plastic.

Our exclusive interview with Blaine explains more about the motivation behind creating his cleaning product company Pure Natural Cleaners, and their MADE SAFE Certified products.

Q&A with Pure Natural Cleaners founder, Blaine Burgan

Why did you start your company?
I started our company for a number of reasons.  First, I was tired of companies using the term “natural” when they were not natural at all.  You had to dig really deep to find out what 100% of the ingredients were in a product, if you could find that out at all.  Second, I wanted people to know how much detergent was needed to achieve a clean result.  Most conventional detergents have a questionable measuring process, which seems wasteful.  Last, I wanted people to be able to use a product that was truly safe, nontoxic, and free and clear to wash their clothes.

Why is it important to you to have third-party verification for your products?
When I first started making my laundry detergent, I knew that the product had to live up to my intentions. But I had no way of ensuring that the formula met my goals. I needed an independent third-party to verify that I was making the product I intended to make. That’s the role MADE SAFE fulfilled for me at the start of my business and continues to do for Pure Natural Cleaners today as we expand our line of products. MADE SAFE screened the ingredients for safety to humans and the ecosystem, they confirmed that the suppliers and manufacturers of the ingredients were supplying what I expected, and their rigorous standards allow me to be confident that the products my company makes are exactly what I say they are.

What’s the one thing you would never do as a maker of better products?
We would never change our formula in order to save money on ingredients. Sourcing is imperative to our products and our brand.

What do you wish shoppers thought about more, and why?
I wish shoppers looked more closely at ingredients. I want them to look them up and understand what they’re putting into or on their bodies. I’d also say, don’t be fooled by vocabulary that isn’t regulated. For example, “green” or “natural” have no specific definition when used on product packaging or in advertising.

What have you done to make your life healthier?
 I walk. About three years ago, we got a puppy. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she is great for me. I walk her three times a day most days. It isn’t rigorous, but it makes me get up and move. It clears my head while walking and it is good for me.

What is your concern about chemicals in our daily lives?
I have seen the adverse effects that chemicals have had on my wife and three children. That is why we continue to look for natural solutions for the household. We started with detergent and are now adding hand soap, dish soap, and multipurpose cleaner.

Blaine Burgan family photoThank you, Blaine, for helping us introduce the MADE SAFE community to Pure Natural Cleaners. We’re so thrilled to share about these MADE SAFE® Certified products!

For a current list of MADE SAFE® Certified products from Pure Natural Cleaners, visit this page.

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