Fail-Proof Healthy Living Tips for 2019


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The New Year inspires us to reflect on the past year and imagine the new year to come. In this process, we often imagine a better version of ourselves – the version that will join the gym, or finally eat healthy, or quit junk food completely, or… insert your big goal here. At Made Safe, we’re dreamers too, but let’s be real: all of us usually set huge New Year’s resolutions for ourselves that we just can’t keep. So for 2019, we’re keeping it simple.

Think of this as a healthy living cheat sheet, as opposed to resolutions you’re married to. You can write them down and put them on the fridge, take a screenshot on your phone, or print them off to tuck inside your wallet. These suggestions can help simplify your food and product purchasing decisions to kickstart a mindful and healthy new year. If you stick to them, they won’t fail you.

Top Tips for 2019:
  • Buy MADE SAFE® certified products. No more labels to read, ingredients to research, or doubts to weigh you down. Buying MADE SAFE products ensures that the products you’re using on yourself and your family do not contain any ingredients known to be toxic to people or the planet. Remember, every swap you make from conventional to MADE SAFE certified products may reduce your exposure to toxic substances, giving your body time to detox and renew. Shop MADE SAFE to make nontoxic living easy in 2019.
  • Eat foods you recognize. We borrowed this tip from Dr. Mark Hyman, a medical doctor and MADE SAFE advisor. Ingredient names on packaging can be a mystery – Butylated hydroxytoluene? Propylparaben? While all ingredients with scary-sounding names aren’t truly bad for you, this is still a great guideline to live by. The result is focusing on bringing more real, whole foods into your diet and avoiding chemical ingredients like additives – many of which are known to be harmful to human health.
  • Eat the rainbow. MADE SAFE advisor and doctor Deanna Minich advocates for eating plant foods across the colors of the rainbow so that we can reap the many benefits of the phytonutrients found within plants. Phytonutrients’ benefits are diverse, and include antioxidants, immune support, heart health boosters, and more. She recommends aiming not for just a colorful plate, but a plate that hits the entire color spectrum.

Perfection isn’t the goal – healthier bodies and minds, a safer and more sustainable tomorrow, and joyful and mindful living are the goal. And remember: This goal is really not a goal at all – it’s a journey. Healthy living isn’t a goal to achieve or an accomplishment to check off – it’s the way in which you live your life each day. Every seemingly small decision gives you the opportunity to align yourself with your healthy living journey. So if you stray, the next choice can get you back on track, instead of derailing you. Now we think that makes for a healthier and more empowering 2019.

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