MADE SAFE Announces Our 1000th Certified Product

A Message from Made Safe Founder, Amy Ziff

Break out the organic champagne! MADE SAFE® is proud to announce that we’ve hit a major milestone: We’ve certified our 1000th product!

That means it’s now 1000 times easier to find a product that is Made With Safe Ingredients™. Ingredients that won’t harm humans or the ecosystem. Our rigorous scientific vetting process ensures that not only toxins known to harm humans are prohibited in our products, but also ingredients and materials that harm our environment, animals or aquatic life.

I launched the MADE SAFE seal to the marketplace less than three years ago with ten brands (one no longer makes products) offering about two dozen products. At that time – supported by pioneering brands Alaffia, Annmarie Skin Care, Good Clean Love, Rejuva Minerals, Sustain Natural, S.W. Basics, True Botanicals, Pura Stainless and Naturepedic – I could only dream of hitting 500 certified products and adding a new category or two.

In 2018 we’ve flown past those goals! In less than three years from launch, we now offer eight categories of products Made With Safe Ingredients™: Baby & Child, Bedding, Cosmetics, Feminine Care, Fragrance Free, Household, Personal Care and Sexual Health categories. Each category is filled with products from brands committed to making the world a less toxic place. These brands – like Kate McLeod, Caboo, Buhbli Organics, Cūrata, Freegirl, Hairprint, Meliora, Natracare, Oilogic, Mother Dirt, Pleni Naturals, Soapwalla – they don’t pick the easy path – they pick the safe path. The path that ensures conscious crafting where every single ingredient is selected for purity and with intention.

I’m proud of the brands who’ve been pioneers with MADE SAFE – showing the world this is possible! You can make truly nontoxic goods without sacrificing quality or performance. 

And I’m especially proud of the work the MADE SAFE  team does each and every day. It isn’t always easy, going against convention. But, it’s always worth the effort to stand up for products that don’t harm people or the planet. Every time you buy a MADE SAFE certified product it’s a victory for safe solutions for a sustainable world.

Thanks also to LOLI Beauty, Babo Botanicals, Anumati Naturals, Mamaearth, Kaelyn Harwell, Neals Yard Remedies, Bioserie, Coyuchi, Evereden, Happsy, Lumineaux, Lullaby Earth, Kosmatology, Organyc, Radico, Ranavat Botanics, Pure Natural Cleaners and every brand working with us to make change happen!

So lift up that glass to finding safe and sustainable solutions all year long.

And cheers, to a Nontoxic New Year!

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