MADE SAFE Certified: Oilogic Bug Bites & Itches Essential Oil Roll-On

It’s bug season. Whether playing in the park, hanging out in the backyard or camping, mosquitos and no-see-ums never fail to find our kiddos. If we can’t fully prevent the bugs from getting to them, the least we can do is soothe their bites with safe ingredients.

Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they can be highly potent too. A little can go a long way and some people can be sensitive to certain essential oils.

Oilogic takes the guesswork out of using essential oils, using the right oils for the right purpose at the right concentration. The Bug Bites & Itches Roll-On is made with 100% pure essential oils with jojoba and castor carrier oils, making it a great MADE SAFE™ certified option for soothing your little one’s bug bites. Find Oilogic’s Bug Bites & Itches Essential Oil Roll-On here.

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