Mouthwash: The Unsung COVID-19 Hero?

An unlikely potential hero in personal hygiene amidst the coronavirus pandemic? Mouthwash. A recent critical review of available research suggests that some ingredients in mouthwashes may help decrease oral SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) viral load and transmission.


Certain constituents found in essential oils were among the active ingredients investigated. The paper concluded that regular use of mouthwash could act as yet another precautionary measure, though more studies, including clinical trials, are needed to further investigate and to determine efficacy.

That means that while this research is certainly inconclusive, it provides yet another reason to make your dentist proud and keep on swishing with mouthwash!

While we wait for more study, remember that the most effective ways to reduce spread of COVID-19 are social distancing, wearing a mask, and proper handwashing.

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