Natracare Becomes First Brand With MADE SAFE Certified Feminine & Maternity Care


Natracare tampons and pads are made without known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, or other toxic chemicals found to harm women’s health

NEW YORK – In an industry that has recently come under increased scrutiny for ingredient safety and lack of disclosure, Natracare is leading the way in safe feminine care. The company is the first brand to certify its tampons, pads, maternity pads and nursing pads with the scientifically rigorous MADE SAFE® (Made with Safe Ingredients) seal. As the first nontoxic certification to apply widely to consumer products, the revolutionary MADE SAFE seal verifies that products are made without chemicals or ingredients known to harm human health, animals, and ecosystems.

The feminine care industry has historically been shrouded in secrecy. Many conventional pads, tampons, and maternity pads don’t list ingredients, making it difficult for women to choose safer options for feminine and maternity care. The MADE SAFE seal is the first clear signal for shoppers to find products made without known toxic chemicals.

“To be the first feminine and maternity care to hold this honor is testimony to how Natracare has, for the past 28 years, been dedicated to challenging and pioneering the highest level of safety and purity in hygiene products,” said Susie Hewson, Natracare International Director of Sales and Marketing. “Thanks to Made Safe certification, it is a matter of pride that we are able to independently prove it.”

Common chemicals of concern in tampons and pads can include dioxins and furans, linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and reproductive toxicity; pesticide residues, linked to cancer; and undisclosed fragrance ingredients, which may contain chemicals linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and allergies.[i]

Studies show that the vast majority of women use tampons (50-86%) and pads (62-73%)[ii] for menstruation. These products come into contact with some of the most sensitive and absorptive skin on women’s bodies, and are usually used repeatedly for several days at a time each month.

“We’re proud to partner with Natracare to take the mystery out of feminine and maternity care,” said Amy Ziff, founder and executive director of the MADE SAFE certification. “Natracare has been leading the industry for years, and we’re thrilled they’ve earned our seal as a signal to women everywhere that their products don’t include known harmful chemicals.”

Products carrying the MADE SAFE seal have undergone rigorous and scientific ingredient screening to ensure they don’t contain known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, behavioral toxins, flame retardants, heavy metals, high-risk pesticides, insecticides, toxic solvents, VOCs, or GMOs, according to authoritative lists from around the world. Ingredients are further examined by a chemist for bioaccumulation (if it builds up in human bodies), persistence (if it builds up in the environment), general and aquatic toxicity, as well as undergo ecosystem harm screening. This process attempts to close data gaps and makes MADE SAFE a leading health and safety standard in the country.

Natracare, a pioneer and world leader in organic and natural feminine hygiene, was developed 28 years ago out of growing concerns for the health and wellbeing of women and the increasing damage to the environment caused by the production and use of everyday feminine hygiene products.

Natracare products, made from only organic and natural materials from sustainable and renewable resources, are a direct response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution caused by chlorine bleaching, pesticide spraying on conventionally grown cotton, and the use of rayon and plastics in feminine hygiene. All Natracare products are chlorine-free, are not tested on animals and do not contain any materials made from crude oil. Natracare uses 75-100% renewable and sustainable materials, which also makes Natracare products over 90% biodegradable and compostable, helping to alleviate the burden on overflowing landfill sites.

Today, Natracare is the leading organic and natural feminine hygiene brand distributed in over 60 countries world wide offering women comfort, reliability and choice at a competitive price. With a full range that includes 30 high quality products including certified organic 100% cotton tampons, panty liners, Ultra thin and Maxi sanitary pads, cotton wipes, nursing and maternity pads and discreet pads designed for sensitive bladders.

In addition to MADE SAFE certification, Natracare has acquired numerous awards both ecologically and ethically, so that consumers can be confident that Natracare’s claims are based on fact and are ethically evaluated.


MADE SAFE® (Made With Safe Ingredients) is America’s first certification to screen out known toxic chemicals in consumer products across store aisles, from baby bottles and bedding to personal care, cleaners, and more. MADE SAFE, a nonprofit, makes it possible for consumers to easily find products that are made without known harmful chemicals while also offering brands and retailers a road map to making and selling safer products. Founded by Amy Ziff with a mission to change the way products are made in America and around the world, the certification scrutinizes ingredients to avoid using materials linked to known human health harm. Consumers should always follow manufacturer guidelines for use when using any products. For more information, visit


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[ii] Zota, A (2012) Descriptive statistics on feminine hygiene use among U.S. reproductive-aged women, NHANES 2001- 2004. Personal communication. 2012.

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