New Guide for Safe Baby Shower Registry Features MADE SAFE Products

If you’re pregnant or know someone who’s pregnant, you want to be sure to buy only the safest products for mom and the newest member of the family. The problem is that sometimes, it’s not that simple. Many products don’t have labels, and there are confusing claims to navigate, like “green,” “eco,” and “natural”—that actually don’t mean anything at all in terms of standards.

On top of that, you keep seeing headlines about harmful chemicals in baby products like triclosan, Bisphenol A (BPA), flame retardants, heavy metals, and phthalates, that are linked to scary health problems like increased risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and other chronic health conditions, as well as adverse effects on development, reproduction, learning and behavior.

Fret no more. The new Safe Baby Products Guide from the Getting Ready for Baby coalition features an interactive tool that allows you to build an online registry. And all of the products recommended in the Guide are MADE SAFE® certified, which means we’ve vetted them to ensure they’re made without ingredients linked to human health harm.

Check out the Guide to build your registry with products from Naturepedic, Happsy, Lullaby Earth, Meliora Cleaning Products, Pura Stainless, Oilogic, Natracare, Pure Natural Cleaners, Bioserie Toys, Pleni Naturals, Alaffia, MamaEarth, Annmarie Skin Care, and True Botanicals.

The Getting Ready for Baby coalition is a joint effort of over 85 organizations (including MADE SAFE!) working to ensure all products made and sold for babies and young children in the US are made without known harmful chemicals that can disrupt healthy development and contribute to diseases and disorders. A goal of Getting Ready for Baby partners and allies is to urge baby product retailers to create policies that prevent products made with toxic chemicals from appearing on their store shelves.

We’re honored that the MADE SAFE seal is the only seal recommended by this wide coalition of trusted health and environmental advocates.

Check out the Safe Baby Products Guide! Want more? Browse our Healthy Baby Guide for more product recommendations, tips for avoiding toxics, and science on why women and children are more vulnerable to harmful chemicals.

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