New MADE SAFE Certified Hair Color from Radico

Many women (and men) head to the salon every month or color their locks at home every few weeks. But hair dye contains many egregiously toxic chemicals, and there just aren’t many healthy alternatives on the market.

Conventional hair dye is made with a slew of harmful chemicals that we’re exposed to every time we dye our hair at home or in the salon. Salon workers are even more exposed – potentially to carcinogenic levels—as they may perform multiple hair dying sessions in a day.

Many dyes can contain toluene, a well-established neurotoxin, linked to birth defects and retardation. It can also contain resorcinol, a chemical linked to endocrine disruption, meaning it impacts our body’s normal hormonal functioning and signaling. Lead acetate, another common ingredient in dyes, is linked to neurotoxicity. Conventional dyes can contain many other harmful chemicals like p-phenylenediamine, DMDM hydantoin, methylisothiazolinone, and fragrance.

All this nasty stuff in hair dye is why we’re so excited to announce a new MADE SAFE certified alternative: hair color from Radico Colour Me Organic. MADE SAFE has certified 26 shades of Radico’s Organic Hair Dye and three of their Sunab Natural Hair Colors.

What we love about Radico is that not only are their dyes made without these harsh chemicals, but their organic hair dyes are made without the use of any synthetic chemicals at all! Instead, the brand uses herbs and plants grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

The company, based in India, uses time-tested henna, an herb that not only colors hair, but makes it softer and shinier. Radico also uses anti-oxidant-containing amla, stimulating hibiscus, and moisturizing bhringraj in their formulations.

In addition to hair dyes, MADE SAFE has certified eleven of Radico’s Organic Powders. These hair treatments offer a variety of benefits to hair to keep dyed (or natural!) locks shiny and lustrous, and the scalp healthy.

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