New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Divine Tandav

We are thrilled to introduce new MADE SAFE® Certified personal care products from Divine Tandav. Formulated using traditional family recipes handed down through the generations, Divine Tandav’s founder, Muktha, has a wealth of wisdom to share when it comes to natural botanicals. Divine Tandav is committed to making effective products that safeguard the health of humans and the environment, which has led them to MADE SAFE Certification. Learn more about Divine Tandav’s story and their newly MADE SAFE Certified products in our exclusive interview with Muktha.


Q&A with Divine Tandav Founder, Muktha

Why did you start Divine Tandav?
I come from a long lineage of farming ancestors. I have always nurtured a deep, beautiful bond with Mother Earth. Clean living and clean beauty has been part of my life since childhood – it was just the way of life!

As I got exposed to the temptations of the skin care industry, I quickly realized that many beauty companies that we trust are using an exorbitant amount of chemicals in their products. There are chemicals that are known to cause harm and then there are also many with unknown effects. These chemicals are absorbed into our bodies with each use. They also affect the environment when they are washed down the drain – entering our soil, water streams which we consume back.

This inspired me to change the way we think about clean beauty and our planet earth. I desire to lead a better lifestyle and in so doing leave a better planet behind for our future generations all while giving customers a choice of truly clean beauty products.

At Divine Tandav we are committed to the clean journey – we aspire to be kind to ourselves, each other, and the planet with every aspect of our operations.

Why are Divine Tandav’s products different from other, more conventional, products in the space?
Divine Tandav offers uniquely crafted skincare, using my family’s traditional self-care formulations that have been handed down through generations. This inherited wisdom taught me how to harness high quality ingredients for maximal potency and efficacy, all while keeping the processing to a minimum in order to retain the original goodness of what nature has to offer.

QUOTE Divine Tandav blogIt is truly incredible what nature’s gift of pure rare organic oils and ingredients can do for your skin. In some of our products, you can even see some of the real flower petals and pieces of saffron suspended for lasting infusion of our oils and butter! Each product is hand crafted in the USA with lots of love and care.

I’m excited to be able to use my cherished family recipes to spread a love for natural ingredients with absolutely no synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

It’s important to have third-party validation for our products because there is so much information out there and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the consumer to decipher what is fact from fiction. For us, transparency of ingredients and integrity in sourcing is of the utmost importance. Since there is no universal definition of “clean” or “natural,” having our products MADE SAFE approved creates a standard for what customers can expect when they shop with us. We are committed to ensuring that the ingredients we use are ethical in their effects on people and the planet.

Why is it important to Divine Tandav to have third-party validation for your products?
A lot of the products in the industry carry buzz words like organic, toxic free, all natural, non-GMO, clean beauty etc. without substantiation of their claims. Without standard definitions of some of these words, little regulation and a lack of ingredient transparency, customers do not stand a chance to find products that are truly pure, natural, organic, and nontoxic simply by reading ingredient labels.

At Divine Tandav, we always knew and prided ourselves with the quality of true organic and toxin-free ingredients that are sourced sustainably with lots of love and care for our planet, but we believe it is important to prove the purity and safety of our products with rigorous certifications like MADE SAFE!

At Divine Tandav we are committed to this journey which makes us especially proud of our MADE SAFE Certification, as it demonstrates our commitment to not only human health, but also the health of the environment.

What do you wish shoppers understood about the kind of products you make?
Conventional (non-organic) farming requires large amounts of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers that destroy the integrity of the soil, disrupting billions of life forms and ecosystems. These chemicals enter the water system where they are absorbed by plants, humans, and every living organism in the environment. Imagine the amount of chemicals and toxins that accumulate over time in our bodies! At Divine Tandav we strongly believe that the benefits of supporting the organic movement and moving toward an organic lifestyle are immeasurable.

At Divine Tandav, we want to be a part of the solution. We source from suppliers who are aligned with our values: healthy planet, healthy people. Our supplier’s share our convictions of the importance of ingredients that are organic, responsibly grown, fair trade, native energy, and free from synthetic chemicals.

We also donate a portion of our profits from Divine Tandav back to our community to causes that support planet earth and the empowerment of women and children.

What do you wish shoppers thought about more, and why?
In this era of instant beauty—beauty at any cost and profit-focused companies—we lose track of what is important and forget our source of life. Profit-focused companies are depleting natural earth reserves at an astonishing rate due to their unsustainable practices. Little thought goes into ingredients, sustainability, and packaging beyond the dollar amount returned to the company.

I wish more shoppers paid attention to the ingredients, how they are sourced, how each product is made, and what every aspect means to our planet. After all, it is our only body and only planet. Just a small change, a small buying decision, makes an impact. This is why buying MADE SAFE Certified products is important, and why we are proud to be part of this program.

We invite you to come join our family—be an advocate for ethical beauty, take a stand. Together, let’s start the tradition of leaving a better world for future generations to come. Nurture a pure legacy that doesn’t harm people, animals, or the planet. Less animal cruelty, less landfill, less toxins.
 Join the Divine Tandav (a Sanskrit word meaning dance) movement. Be kind to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Let’s make the world a better place, one small step at a time.

Shop MADE SAFE® Certified products from Divine Tandav.

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