New MADE SAFE Certified Products from Natural Sloth

Tatiana Morris and her husband began selling their beeswax candles and other essential oil-derived products in 2019. Their business, Natural Sloth, is committed to creating products for the home that not only smell good but are safer to use. The company’s mission — to create a healthy, toxin-free home using only natural ingredients — was the motivation behind its creation. A few years before the formal start of Natural Sloth, after experiencing some family health issues, Tatiana began researching essential oils. She learned they can be powerful mood boosters, so she began experimenting with candle making and other ways to harness the benefits of natural fragrances.


We thoroughly enjoyed our chat with Tatiana, and hope you also find Natural Sloth’s commitment to using simple, unadulterated ingredients as exciting as we do. To learn more about Tatiana and Natural Sloth, read our interview below..

Q&A with Natural Sloth founder, Tatiana Morris

Why is it important for you to have third-party validation for your products?
I want consumers to trust Natural Sloth to provide safe products. Third-party validation shows our customers that transparency is a priority to us as a brand and that we have nothing to hide. Receiving MADE SAFE® Certification assures consumers that our products are free of ingredients known or suspected to harm humans, animals, and the environment.

What makes MADE SAFE the right certification for your products?
There is a lot of misinformation on greenwashing and misuse of the terms “natural” and “clean,” especially in the candle industry. Companies label their candles as natural, clean or nontoxic while using fragrances that contain toxic substances, and thousands of chemicals in artificial fragrances have been linked to serious health problems. That results in consumers being stuck trying to figure out which products are actually safe and which ones aren’t. We wanted our consumers to trust Natural Sloth to provide safe products.

Why did you start your company?
After breathing issues and my dog getting diagnosed with cancer, I started experimenting with pure essential oils. That led me to formulating nontoxic scents for my home and body. I discovered that pure essential oils may ease stress and boost mood without artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals. I also learned that beeswax could have benefits for environmental allergies, sensitivities, and asthma. Together, these substances can bring a sense of calm and so many gorgeous aromas to the home and body. From my fun experiments, I realized that I could formulate products like beeswax candles and wax melts using pure essential oils and then share them with others.

What do you wish shoppers thought about more, and why?
We wish consumers were more aware of the greenwashing marketing techniques companies use when selling products. We are concerned about the lack of trustworthy information surrounding where known or suspected harmful chemicals can be found and the effects of these chemicals on our overall health. Ideally, we want consumers to read and understand what every ingredient in a list really is. That’s why we really appreciate MADE SAFE’s Chemical Callouts and Fact Sheets.

What’s the one product in your line you can’t live without, and why?
We love our candles because they are made with yellow beeswax, essential oils, and a wooden wick. The wooden wicks burn wider and slower than a standard wick, and the wood is manufactured in the USA. The wood flickers and crackles while it burns, so wooden wicks help create a feeling of a mini campfire right at home.

Founders of Natural Sloth photo

Thank you, Tatiana, for helping us introduce the MADE SAFE community to Natural Sloth. We’re thrilled to share about these MADE SAFE Certified products!

For a current list of MADE SAFE® certified products from Natural Sloth, visit this page.

Use the code MadeSafe15 for 15% off your purchase of Natural Sloth’s MADE SAFE Certified candles and wax melts. Valid through August 3, 2022.

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