New MADE SAFE Certified Skin Care from Freegirl

Freegirl Skin Care is three years in the making; founder Jamie Hedman and her team relentlessly researched and pursued nontoxic ingredients until the skin care line was launched just a short month ago. The Made Safe team is excited to announce that, to date, the entire line is MADE SAFE certified!

To give you a behind-the-scenes look at this brand new company, we reached out to former model and fitness expert Jamie Hedman, the founder of Freegirl, to learn more.

Made Safe: Why did you start Freegirl Skin Care?
Jamie: Freegirl Skin Care was created with more than skin care in mind. To our core, we are about helping women on their complete wellness journey – mind, body, and spirit. I want to see women care about and love themselves completely, because it is from this place that we are willing to make changes to improve our lives and our health.

I knew I wanted a “no compromise,” nontoxic skin care line to offer consumers. I desired this for my family and myself, and I quickly realized that others did as well. I also wanted beautiful, healthy products that women could feel confident putting on their bodies. With Freegirl, I’ve created a brand that encourages women to make time for self-care and self-love, and a brand made with safe, nontoxic ingredients.

Made Safe: How does Freegirl give back?
Jamie: Freegirl stands for not only purity and goodness, but also gives back to women. We are committed to supporting women who have been rescued from sex trafficking and are on the difficult road to recovery. A percentage of every purchase is used to support Covering House, a nonprofit that provides refuge for girls ages 13-17 who have been victimized by sex trafficking.

At Freegirl, we encourage and help all women by “setting their skin free,” keeping them safe from harmful chemicals in skin care, and encouraging them on their personal journey.

Made Safe: Why are you proud to work with Made Safe?
Jamie: I’m so proud to have my products MADE SAFE certified, as they are the leading nontoxic certification in the product industry. With the MADE SAFE logo on the box, our customers will know that they’re using some of the cleanest and healthiest skin care products in the industry. Made Safe has created a way to quickly and easily find safe nontoxic products by doing all the homework for shoppers.

Made Safe: Why are you concerned about toxic chemicals in our daily lives?
Jamie: We are living in a toxic soup of chemicals that are harming our bodies to the point of disease and even death. It seems that we learn daily about the harmful effects of various chemicals, whose safety was previously unquestioned. We need to be very aware of what we are putting in and on our bodies, and be proactive by living as toxic chemical-free as we can in order to protect our families and ourselves.

Made Safe: What have you done to make your life healthier?
Jamie: My quest to make my life healthier has been a life-learned process of self-care and self-love. My personal journey of healing is one of mind, body and spirit. I practice mindfulness, pray, work out, hike, eat healthy, and spend time in the mountains with my family.

Certified Products from Freegirl Skin Care:

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