New MADE SAFE Certified Skin Care from LOLI Beauty

LOLI Beauty checks the boxes of all the things we love at MADE SAFE: Simple, pure, and organic ingredients? Check. Giving back to nonprofits? Yep. Earth-friendly packaging like glass and compostable labels? You bet. They even use upcycled food ingredients to reduce waste!

All this and more means we’re thrilled to announce 16 new MADE SAFE® certified skin care products from LOLI Beauty.

And as always, the MADE SAFE seal means we’ve vetted the products to ensure they’re made without any ingredients known to cause harm to humans or the environment like endocrine disruptors, developmental toxins, carcinogens, heavy metals, reproductive toxins, environmental toxins, and more.

Check these (LOLI) beauties out:

And stay tuned: more on LOLI coming soon!

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