Shop MADE SAFE® Certified Products as Part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program

You can now shop select MADE SAFE® Certified products on Amazon as part of Climate Pledge Friendly, an Amazon program that makes it easier for customers to shop for more sustainable products. Climate Pledge Friendly partners with trusted third-party certifications to highlight products that meet sustainability standards and the MADE SAFE label is one of the latest external certifications to become part of the program.

The MADE SAFE seal is protective of human and environmental health through our uniquely rigorous Certification process. All MADE SAFE Certified products available for purchase on Amazon will be easily searchable via Amazon’s MADE SAFE page.

At MADE SAFE, we want to encourage people to shop consciously and “buy better” from a health and sustainability perspective. Buying better in this way is important for overall human and ecosystem health. Supporting better products is a vital part of increasing sustainability measures and helping increase impact, and shopping the MADE SAFE seal is an easy way to accomplish this.

Shop MADE SAFE® Certified Products on Amazon

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