Supporting Small Businesses During COVID-19

We know this time is hard for everyone, but times like these can be especially difficult for small businesses.


At MADE SAFE, we are proud to support businesses committed to making healthier products for people and the planet. We see the businesses that pursue purer products and achieve MADE SAFE certification as cherished defenders of a healthy and sustainable future. They represent what is possible and the direction that we, as a society, must go. These brands are the true trendsetters, pioneers, and leaders. They are the brands MADE SAFE works with. Frankly, we need more of them. 


The COVID-19 crisis has served as a reminder of the importance of promoting the businesses that are leaders in this arena, as many large industries with powerful lobbies have asked for a relaxation of standards and regulation, resulting in a temporary suspension of laws without an official end date.

We know this time is hard for everyone, but times like these can be especially difficult for small businesses.

Many of our brands report that they are adjusting to a “new normal” brought about by COVID-19. We have received messages with updates of remote work situations, fast-tracking new products relevant in this moment, and owners doing all manufacturing and/or shipping work alone. Despite the adjustments necessary at this time, these brands have voiced their continued commitment to bringing you their MADE SAFE certified products as long as they are able to do so.

Many of the brands MADE SAFE works with are small – yet powerful – changemakers. The truth is that this time of uncertainty can be more than some small companies can manage. Because our vision is to see these brands thrive long after this virus has gone, we want to remind our community of the role we can all play in helping to ensure our vision is a reality. With this in mind, we invite you, to the extent that you are able, to continue to support the brands we work with here at MADE SAFE. Any purchases you are able to make now also support the safe, healthy, and sustainable future we all want to see.

Join us in showing some love and support to these amazing changemakers! Whether it’s buying your favorite product or showing some love to your favorite brands with MADE SAFE certified products on social media, there is more than one way to promote the companies that prioritize the health of humans and the earth.

Thank you and take care,

Amy Ziff

Amy Ziff is the Founder and Executive Director of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Nontoxic Certified. MADE SAFE®  is a program of Nontoxic Certified.


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