The Dark Waters Movie | Chemicals: All About PFAS

Dark Waters, starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway, premieres today, November 22! The movie is based on the true story of attorney Rob Bilott who fights one of the largest chemical corporations in the world after learning that they have been illegally dumping toxic waste.


The Problem

That waste contained PFOA, a chemical that is part of a large group of chemicals called PFAS. To recognize the debut of the film, we’ve created a PFAS fact sheet to help you understand what PFAS are, where they’re found, why they’re concerning, and how you can reduce your exposure.

We hope you’ll see the film and read our fact sheet, below, to learn how to reduce your and your family’s exposure to PFAS. You can also download a printable PDF to share.

All About PFAS Fact Sheet image

All About PFAS Fact Sheet pg. 2 image

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