The TEDx Talk That Shocks – and Inspires

We live in a world of unprecedented toxic exposure. A world where babies are born pre-polluted, exposed to cocktail of harmful chemicals in utero. A world where diseases linked to toxic chemicals like cancer, auto-immune disorders, early-onset puberty, infertility, Alzheimers, ADHD, diabetes, and obesity are on the rise.

Why is this happening? How is it even possible that chemicals linked to serious health problems are in the things we use every day?

Watch this groundbreaking TEDx Talk by MADE SAFE founder Amy Ziff to get the answer–and even more importantly, the solution.

Because the good news is that is does matter what we put in and on our bodies. Our own choices can make a difference for a healthier life.

And the most powerful message of all: our choices can push the entire market to change so that ultimately, we can get rid of harmful chemicals altogether.

Please watch and share this TEDx Talk with your loved ones so that together, we can change the way products are made in this country–and around the world.

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