True Botanicals Becomes the First MADE SAFE Brand in the World


All products from True Botanicals are made entirely with safe ingredients not known to be toxic to humans or the environment.

True Botanicals is leading the way in formulating some of the healthiest and purest personal care products on the U.S. market. The company recently became the first MADE SAFE Brand in the world, with a commitment to make every single product—and all future products—in accordance to the stringent standards of the MADE SAFE (Made With Safe Ingredients™) certification program.

“In support of all who seek truly safe and effective products, True Botanicals has taken the important step of seeking MADE SAFE certification,” said Hillary Peterson, founder of True Botanicals. “This decision reinforces our overall mission to deliver results without toxins and to push the beauty industry to do the same. Amidst a sea of misinformation, MADE SAFE is offering the most comprehensive product safety evaluation available today. We are proud to be making products that meet these rigorous standards.”

MADE SAFE is the leading nontoxic certification in the country that applies widely to consumer products. It screens against authoritative lists of known toxic chemicals and then goes above and beyond to screen ingredients for bioaccumulation, persistence, and aquatic toxicity with an aim to close the significant data gaps on chemicals in use in everyday products.

“We are thrilled to work with True Botanicals to fundamentally redefine what natural beauty products should look like and to hold them to the highest bar of product purity,” said Amy Ziff, founder and CEO of MADE SAFE. “As the first MADE SAFE Brand, True Botanicals is throwing down the gauntlet to push for better, safer ingredients.”

Becoming a MADE SAFE Brand means going beyond one-time product certification. True Botanicals has committed to work with the MADE SAFE team of scientists and experts to ensure that not only is its entire current line certified, but every single future product will start from a base of safe ingredients right from the beginning of the formulation process. Each ingredient will be scrutinized for contamination and examined for potential harm to humans and the environment to meet the highest level of health and safety possible with the best science of the day.

“We are so deeply committed to making pure products for people’s skin that we want to think about this at all times, right from the beginning, and design every product to meet the MADE SAFE standard. We want women to trust that these are the healthiest products possible for themselves and for their families,” said Christina Mace-Turner, CEO of True Botanicals.

MADE SAFE works with brands to provide a road map for manufacturing products from safe ingredients, a service which has become increasingly necessary in the current marketplace. With approximately 85,000 chemicals in use today and hundreds of new ones created annually, considerable data gaps exist that make it difficult to determine the safety of a given ingredient; assuming that an ingredient is safe because it doesn’t show up on authoritative list is not a viable option. Additionally, common contamination issues exist in the supply chain that can pose stumbling blocks for even the most committed companies. Consumers are wary after several recent lawsuits and green-washing situations and aren’t sure who to trust. All of this makes third-party certification crucial for truly verifying ingredient health and safety.

“Companies that work with us already have a commitment to making better products. In becoming a MADE SAFE Brand, True Botanicals takes this commitment to a deeper level by incorporating our standard at the outset, addressing challenges head on, and finding safe and sustainable solutions. We are creating a healthy future, and the world needs more companies like True Botanicals to get there,” said Ziff.


True Botanicals crafts anti-aging products designed to meet the demands of the modern world in every way. Their collection of super luxurious, super concentrated, bio-active formulations deliver unparalleled results without compromising your health (toxins are the last thing your skin needs).  By eliminating the costs of the traditional distribution model (bye!) and embracing the next generation of commerce, True Botanicals is able to offer a higher level of personal service and to exceed the industry norm by putting a far higher quantity of high quality ingredients into their products.To True Botanicals, this is modern luxury. And they think you deserve nothing less.

MADE SAFE (Made With Safe IngredientsTM) is America’s first certification to screen out known toxic chemicals in consumer products across store aisles, from baby bottles and bedding to personal care, cleaners, and more. MADE SAFE, a nonprofit, makes it possible for consumers to easily find products that are made without known harmful chemicals while also offering brands and retailers a road map to making and selling safer products. Founded by Amy Ziff with a mission to change the way products are made in America and around the world, the certification scrutinizes ingredients to avoid using materials linked to known human health harm. Consumers should always follow manufacturer guidelines for use when using any products. For more information, visit

For Immediate Release: July 20, 2016


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