What Does It Mean to Raise the Green Bar?

Every fall MADE SAFE gathers with our friends at GOOD HOUSEKEEPING magazine and the GOODHOUSEKEEPING Institute to co-host our annual #raisethegreenbar sustainability summit. It’s an event that’s designed to bring together companies working at all levels of sustainability.


We bring together companies that are pushing boundaries, innovating new green technologies, and forging new eco paths alongside companies whose sustainability efforts are a big part of their annual report but may not be known to many consumers. We include everyone, even those who are newer to the eco-journey.

The purpose is to foster a cross-platform and cross-category conversation with the intention of learning from one another, hearing about new science and technology, and inspiring attendees to go back to their companies and push for more and deeper efforts where health meets sustainability.  

At MADE SAFE we have always believed that something can’t be sustainable if it’s harmful to our ecosystem. Ultimately that means producing products the Made Safe way so that they won’t harm humans, the environment, animals, or aquatic life.

The task ahead of us – creating products for a safe and sustainable economy – is huge.

And we understand that it’s going to take companies large and small to achieve this task. We also know we can’t do it in a vacuum. We must foster learning, safer chemistry, green chemistry innovation and more between companies of all sizes and at every step in their sustainability journey. We all must have passion, dedication, determination and high expectations – and inspire and push others to have the same.

We also must foster conversation – sometimes difficult conversation. It can be hard for companies to take those first steps towards sustainability, but at Raise the Green Bar, we create an atmosphere that encourages companies to do so and feel supported in the process.

The point is that this effort requires collective work. We won’t achieve a safe and sustainable future if we don’t all move from where we are today on the “green” spectrum to be greener and healthier – from small local businesses to corporate monoliths. Raise the Green Bar helps all companies see how they can invest, interact, and thrive in a sustainable economy. The result is that we all win.

We believe we must all work to #raisethegreenbar both personally and professionally. So whatever that means to you, we invite you to set your green bar and then to surpass it.

If you want to learn more, see the 2018 Event event agenda here, and read the 2017 Raise the Green Bar Summit Findings Report here.

If your company is interested in attending, purchase tickets for Raise the Green Bar 2018 here.

If you would like to cover the event as press or an influencer, please reach out to us on social media.

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